Sunday, November 4, 2012

Wild Flower Watch VII

I managed to get across to the Queenstown Cemetery to resume my wild-flower watch this week.

I was expecting changes in the flowering species; in the past a week has made a big difference, this time it was a fortnight.

The cemetery seems to often greet me with something new just inside the entrance and this week was no exception.
I am pretty sure this is Trailing Speedwell  (Veronica plebeia)

And from another angle.

This tiny fellow was on one flower, bear in mind that the flowers are about 12mm (1/2 inch) across

What do you think a cricket? A grasshopper?

There was a whole area of these the common name is “Tall Bluebell” (Wahlenbergia stricta) I am glad I got there this week, most of them were already wilting.

And another one.

There were also scattered Sprawling Bluebells (Wahlenbergia gracilis)
Which I have posted before

Common riceflowers

Trigger Plants,

And more

One of the flax lilies

And from another angle

These milkmaids (another lily) were happily holding their faces up to the sun.


Old Kitty said...

Love your microshots and that insect is superb!! Whatever it is!! Love the detail - this cricket/grasshopper creature looks like some alien from outer space! Lovely! Take care

mshatch said...

Oh your flowers are so pretty! Love the milkmaids and I don't know what that insect is; he doesn't look like any grasshopper I've seen but he has some pretty cool antennae.

Rebecca E. said...

made my day with the awesome pics, thanks!

Lisa said...

I'm so enjoying watching your wildflowers grow. That tiny bug is amazing - what a shot!