Sunday, November 11, 2012

Checking in and What it was

Well I didn't mean to seemingly drop off the face of the world. I have actually been on the road for past couple of days.
This Morning finds me on the Central Coast of NSW at my Brother's farm. Mike's place is about 12 hours drive from home.

Now to last week's WIIW most people guessed an eye for this image.

Linda G said “It's an EYE!

Hooray! I'm finally sure I got one right.

(What? You want me to be more specific? Picky, picky, picky...)”

Exactly it is an eye so 100%.
There I wasn’t picky at all was I?

Old Kitty guessed: “I want to say it's an eye of some skunk but I'll go for a shiny shiny button!!”
That deserves 50% because you talked yourself out of saying an eye!

Christine said: “Think I might be with Old Kitty on this one. Is this a fine, fluffy knit created by Deb and the shiny round thing a button?
You are 'trying to be less cruel'... Hmmm...”

I am hurt Christine, hurt :-) I said I wasn’t being cruel and kept my word!

Marcy said “I think it's an eye too but I'll be more specific and say the eye of a stuffed animal.”

It looks like one of those shiny glass eyes doesn’t it? But no it is a living breathing creature 60%

Susan said “I agree with Marcy. It looks like the eye of a stuffed skunk.”

Alas no, not stuffed, and definitely not a skunk (no skunks in Oz either) 60%

Kristen guessed an eye too, and went further with “Kookaburra eye?”

Well not only an eye 100% but you earn a bonus for guessing an Oz creature 150%.

Jai guessed “Raccoon eye? or badger eye?”

It is an eye, but no raccoons or badgers in Oz. That earns 60%

Here is my little creature, a Black Duck (Anas superciliosa)

The glow in his or her eye is actually a reflected sunset!


Linda G. said...

Hooray! I shall relish my 100%, as I'll likely never do that well again. *grin*

mshatch said...

well, at least I was right about the eye!

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

Oh well, that's the closest I've come to being right yet, so I'll take it.

Kristen M. said...

I think I should get some bird percentage points too! :) A sunset in a duck's eye ... you're such a trickster.

Christine said...

A sunset reflected in a duck's eye! What can I say? (Heaves a sigh of defeat.) Hope you are enjoying your visit with your brother.