Monday, November 5, 2012

Hilda X: Introductions

This week has once again not been productive for writing. I have put a bit of thought into my other WIP, Veil of Iron, I think I am coming a little closer to a solution to my plot problem. But it is going to take more thought and I guess I am just going to have to jump in and write some of the changes to see if they work.
So all in all I have not done much with Hilda, it seems a weekly refrain!

How about the rest of you, have you had time for writing or reading this week?

So once again this scene follows straight on from the last. Hilda is introduced to some of the people “at the Park”.

‘Good morning Mrs Smither, this is my Hilda.’
‘Good morning Mister Attewell, Hilda.’
Hilda’s dad smiled at her, she read in that smile an attempt at reassurance, it will be alright said his eyes, as they stood just inside the kitchen door. ‘Mrs Smither is the housekeeper and in charge here.’
Hilda stood in the doorway clutching her case tightly and said nothing.
Mrs Smither drew herself up, ‘Actually, Mr Young the butler is in charge of the house. Can we get you a cup of tea Mr Attewell?’
‘See Duck, Mrs Smither takes good care of me. She’ll see you right.’ He paused considering for just an instant, ‘Thank you Mrs Smither I had better keep on this morning. Well Duck, give your dad a kiss.’
Hilda’s resolve to not cry almost broke as she watched Charles Attewell disappear, she nervously looked around the kitchen. A big space, a range of stoves along the far side, benches along the near side and a long table through the middle surrounded by a dozen kitchen chairs.
In addition to Mrs Smither three other faces looked curiously back at her. How she wished she could find a corner to hide by herself. Mrs Smither stood very straight, ‘Well Hilda, first things first some introductions. This is Mrs Garraway the cook, she has charge of our kitchen when Monsieur Glanville is not here. You will answer to Mrs Garraway most days.’
Red faced Mrs Garraway beamed at her, ‘Mornin’, You work hard and do as you’s told and you will not ‘ave any trouble from me.’
Hilda thought she didn’t look the sort to give anyone trouble, Hilda whispered a ‘Morning.’ Back at her.
‘Then this is Lindsay Tiley, our kitchen maid.’
A big raw-boned girl nodded at her, ‘Morning.’
Hilda nodded back at her. ‘And finally, last and least is Kat Lutton our scullery maid.’
A pretty dark-haired girl, maybe just a year or two older than Hilda smiled warmly at her, ‘Good morning Duck!’
Hilda tried to smile back, Mrs Smither went on, ‘We will introduce you to the other staff as you meet them. Now first things first, have you an apron in that case of yours?’
‘Yes Mrs Smither.’
‘Good, you’ll be taking over from Kat as scullery maid. The scullery maid has no uniform, you are expected to wear neat clean clothes, you will be given more and aprons too, but this morning you can wear your own. Now Kat will show you to your room, you can leave your case hat and coat there and put on your apron. Kat will take charge of you over the next few days and show you most of what you need to know. The rest, well I will give you instruction as we go. Kat, show Hilda where to start.’
Kat smiled again, ‘Come on then.’

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Christine said...

Poor Hilda. What a bleak prospect before her. I hope she rises above 'scullery maid' soon.

I'm still immersed in novel research and planning.