Tuesday, November 13, 2012

An Oz summer scene

In the warmer months cricket clubs everywhere get out their bats, balls, and whites and while away many a Saturday hour.

For those of you who don't know, club cricket games like this usually run for most of a day.

There are three forms of professional cricket:

20/20 where the each team bowls 20 "overs" of 6 balls.

One day cricket where each team bowls 50 "overs" and the game lasts about six hours.

And Test Cricket (purists consider "Test" to be only true form of the game). Games of Test cricket usually last 5 days and often end in a tie!

Clearly a case of the game being more important than winning!

This batsman at the Arthur's Creek club is in danger of being "run out".
Being "bowled", "caught", or  "leg before wicket" are all considered acceptable forms of getting out.
Being "run out" is a disgrace for a batsman.

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Linda G. said...

Thanks for the cricket lesson! :)