Wednesday, April 11, 2012

More piccies + What is it Wednesday.

Last night I posted piccies of the Twelve Apostles at sunset.
In the interest of balance here are a couple of photos of the same coast at dawn.
The Apostles as the first light strikes them.(The stack right at the back is the one that featured in last night’s piccies)

The view from Broken Head about half an hour later.Now as it’s Wednesday, what on Earth do you think this is?


Yvonne Osborne said...

Oh! I love it. So that's what the Twelve Apostles look like. Is there a Mary Magdalene?? About your question....I don't have a clue.

Old Kitty said...

It's the top of a eucalyptus tree!!
:-) Take care

Linda G. said...

All I know is, it can't be what it looks like! (Do I get partial credit for that?)

Carolyn V said...

Sagebrush in the twilight? Whatever it is, I love the color contrast!

mery johnson said...

Light hits the Apostles and create a marvelous view. Awesome.
Less words to praise for those beautiful pics.
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