Monday, April 30, 2012

Lilli turns One!

Lilli our lovely Labrador has had her first birthday.
This piccie was taken this past weekend at the oval where we take her to chase balls and run.

The harness is what she wears in the car to keep her safe if we have an accident.

She is an absolute delight to have around clever, loving, companionable.
Also idiosyncratic, very idiosyncratic!

Like most labs she loves water, loves digging, loves retrieving.
Unlike most labs (or most dogs for that matter), she is fairly indifferent about food. She often leaves her meals half eaten. Yet as you can see from her build she isn’t in any way over fed.

She loves people and dogs she knows, but is nervous, really nervous about strangers.

As for cats, they are quite simply terrifying!
Lilli almost never barks, so the other day when I heard her barking nervously I knew something had frightened her. She had come in out of the back yard and was cowering in the corner of the lounge room, as far from the open door as she could get.

I went to investigate, assuming a stranger had come into our back yard. Lilli kind of followed me standing carefully behind me and barking (still nervously) at the would be intruder.
The terror that had caused her flight?
Our back neighbour’s kitten had climbed up on to their roof!

Now some more piccies,
As I said Lilli loves fetching the ball!

But because of her thick black coat she quickly overheats, so when we go to the oval we take a water bowl with us.

Now one last piccie I just had to share because it is just so funny!

Catching a ball in mid-air is hard work, “Dang missed again!”


Old Kitty said...

Awwww happy One Year old birthday lovely Lilli!! She's so adorable! And how grown! That last pic of her is amazing - great action shot!

Awwww Lilli! I'm so sorry but you see, kitties RULE all from day one! LOL! But seriously! Lilli is super gorgeous!! Take care

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

Wow, that year went fast, didn't it? She's a beauty, and definitely has her own personality. LOVE that last action shot.

Kathleen Jones said...

I can't believe it's a year since you got Lilli. She's grown up beautifully!

Linda G. said...

Awww, she's so pretty! And she sounds like a sweet girl, too. Happy Birthday, Lilli!

Carolyn V said...

Happy Birthday Lilli!!! (I can't believe it's been a year! Wow!)