Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What is it Wednesday? Good and bad

It seems to be one thing after the other at the moment.

I am still overwhelmingly busy at work.

Then the other night E our eldest phoned up to say she had just been crashed into by a Taxi in Deb’s car.

The good thing was no one was hurt.

Not so good the Taxi driver decided to try to deny responsibility.

The next good thing was she had her 6’3” 240 lb boyfriend in the car so no one was going to try to intimidate her.

Then the Taxi driver tried to say he was not insured.

E called him on that: Taxi companies are mandated to have insurance.

Next the Taxi driver read out his licence but tried to give the wrong number of digits.

The boyfriend came in handy here (insisting he see the licence himself).

Finally, the Taxi company phoned up yesterday to try and intimidate Deb into withdrawing our claim (bad move there Deb doesn’t intimidate for anybody)

Deb pointed out that E had witnesses and photographs to prove her version of events.

The final nuisance is we are going to be down one car for at least two weeks (parts have to come from Italy to fix the car).

But all in all, we are Ok after all - Nobody got hurt!

Now for the fun: What on Earth do you think this is?


Linda G. said...

Ugh on the whole taxi debacle. But you're right--the important thing is, no one was hurt. Still, I think the taxi company should be responsible for a rental for you until your car is repaired.

As for what that, a cylindrical building with windows? *grin*

Old Kitty said...

Oh noes - poor E!!! Oh dear! Glad she's ok and glad she and her friends and bf are standing up to this bad bad bad taxi company! Booooo to them and the driver! Hope all will be resolved satisfactorily in your favour! Yay!

That is a turret! With windows! LOL! Take care

Wendy Ramer said...

A lighthouse?

Kathleen Jones said...

What a horrible thing to happen. Good thing she's such a sensible girl with a head on her shoulders (and a big boyfriend!). It makes you sick how keen some people are to wriggle out of responsibility. I hope the taxi driver gets what he deserves! Poor E. But relieved no one was hurt but the car. It's Italian! It'll recover - they're built like tanks - have to be the way the Italian's drive!

Kristen M. said...

How ridiculous that the driver tried to get out of it in so many different ways. It seems that they (the driver AND the company) have probably had a few too many incidents already. :P

The colored glass and two-toned stone make me think it's somewhere special -- too many windows for a lighthouse. Part of a college or church?

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

Sorry to hear about the accident, but at least your daughter's boyfriend was there to make the taxi driver mind his p's and q's. As for the pic? Reminds me of Rapunzel's tower, but I don't see any long flowing hair rope. A lighthouse, maybe?

Carolyn V said...

I'm so glad she was okay! It's terrifying to be in a car accident, and then the other driver denying responsibility. That is so not cool.

For the picture, is it a lighthouse? That sounds right.;)

Misha Gericke said...

Sorry to hear about the crash, but I'm glad that everyone's ok.

I think it's a lighthouse. :-)