Saturday, March 31, 2012

On Waterfalls (or not)

First things first, yesterday I did a guest post over on Misha’s blog My First Book.

Now down to business.
While this:Does indeed look superficially like this:(this is one branch of the Triplet Falls here in Victoria)

Or could be mistaken for something like this:(these are the Russell Falls in Tasmania, I posted about them some time ago)

Kitty is right - this is not a waterfall.

Although, I will freely admit it does involve large amounts of water rushing rapidly. I am not quite as devious as you think (not this time anyway).
So Kitty, I guess you deserve 50%.

Wendy (as kitty) assumed it was not the obvious, so you too deserve a 50% score.

Linda, you have sided with kitty in assuming the worst of me. How mean ;-)

Sorry Angela,
I will agree it is beautiful but it is no waterfall.

Indeed Yay for my break!
Ah you have looked closely. The white you have picked is not snow but I’m happy to award 60% for your powers of observation!

Fancy siding with those who think I am devious and sneaky!
Perhaps that streak is not a mile wide (quite)

Hi Mom to 8
Not a waterfall or food. But that is certainly a creative guess.

Here it is.Not a waterfall but waves pouring through a hole in this limestone stack.

This stack is just west of the famous Twelve Apostles about 270 km (170miles) west of Melbourne.You could just about see the Apostles in the distance of this shot except there was so much spray in the air from the near gale force wind that was blowing.

The really nice thing is I am heading back to that stretch of coast tomorrow as part of our holiday (we tend to say holiday rather than vacation here in Oz).
I hope to post while I am out that way, but that will depend on internet connectivity where we will be staying.


Linda G. said...

Ha! I knew it couldn't be a waterfall. Yes, I'm mean, but you're sneaky! *grin*

Old Kitty said...

Hah!!! Tis not a waterfall but waves pouring through a hole!! Hah!

:-) You're still a fiend!

LOL! Take care

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

Harumph. It's water? Check! Is gravity pulling it DOWN? Check! Ergo, it is FALLING. Ergo, it IS a waterfall! Kinda sorta. (you fiend) said...

All i can say is , it is beautiful !!

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