Thursday, August 11, 2011

I'm Back!

Well I finally got my rotten computer sorted out!

Unfortunately I know too much about the things to leave it to an expert. The heap of junk crashed as I was reinstalling Windows. When I tried another reinstall it just wasn’t right. So I formatted my “C” drive and did a fresh install. Anyway I won’t bore you any more. Suffice to say reinstalling everything from scratch took what felt like forever!

Actually I probably will bore you over the next while.

As you may have noticed I have become even more obsessed with waterfalls than usual. It has been miserable wet weather down here for weeks which hasn’t stopped me getting out and about in the bush photographing waterfalls. And as this is my blog I am going to inflict them on my poor readers for a while longer.

I promised last time I would post piccies I took on our way home from my birthday paella feast.

So here we go. On the way back from Gippsland I had to turn off to catch some piccies of the Toorongo river. Long term readers might remember I shot them with my old camera a year or two ago. But as I was passing nearby I had to have a go with my new gear.

On the way up the valley I had to stop and capture this old Toyota that died in a farmer’s paddock. It now sits moldering by the beautiful Toorongo River.

Further up the valley I left the car to walk to the falls. As seems to be usual down here it was raining again.

Deb, never as crazy as me, chose to sit in the car and knit while I braved the weather.

I paused to capture these shots of the river cascading through the forest. Then I pushed on to the falls.

By then it was late and almost dark so the piccies aren’t quite what I want.

I don’t usually spend hours photo-shopping my pics by the way.

What you see is usually pretty much what I take off camera. The only thing I often adjust is light levels in my raw images.


Kathleen Jones said...

Lovely watery pics! It's pretty wet here too at the moment. The river is almost at the doorstep - very un-augustlike!
Glad you got the computer sorted.

Old Kitty said...

I say yay to your waterfalls pics!! May you continue to take shots of them cos they turn out to be super gorgeous!!

Take care

Linda G. said...

Those waterfalls look like something out of a fairytale. You really are a talented photographer. :)

JohnD said...

Great pics - I'd say its a fairly damp area at this time of year!

Alyssa Ast said...

Welcome back! Those pictures are beautiful! Thanks for sharing them.

Alyssa Ast

Lynda R Young said...

Do you walk around with a tripod to capture those long exposures or do you rest your camera on a rock? The latter is what I do because I'm lazy lol.

Deniz Bevan said...

Glad to hear you sorted out the pc! And lovely waterfall pics. Say, what's Deb knitting? We're going on vacation this week and I'm bringing my knitting along too!

Al said...

Hi Kathleen,
It has been wet for months now. With just the odd sunny day in between.
I hope you don’t end up with water inside again.

Hi Jennifer,
They did work well didn’t they?

Hi Linda,
Thank you. They are fabulous aren’t they?

Hi John,
Thank you.
It certainly is this year!

Hi Alyssa,
Thank you!
And thank you again!

Hi Lynda,
It’s mixed if I am going somewhere where I want a long exposure like a waterfall, or if I’m not sure of the light I’ll take a pod.
I have used rocks, but sometimes there just isn’t one where you want it!

Hi Deniz,
Me to it is a relief. Thank you.
Deb is always knitting something. I think she is knitting basic scarves at the moment. Her favorite is lacework shawls.

Amanda said...

I love waterfalls, gorgeous photos!!

Al said...

Hi Amanda,
pleased you like them!