Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Date

If we haven’t got anything planned come the weekend Deb loves to sleep in.

This morning I had her up relatively early.

Then after getting ready in a lazy way and a leisurely breakfast we caught the 12:00 –All the way in to –Because at the –The –
Exhibition is on for just a few more weeks.

And Deb is a mad keen fan of Gustav Klimt

So while the exhibition is still in town we just had to make sure Deb got there.

Unfortunately I wasn’t allowed to take piccies in the exhibition.

But as we came out I took a few of the inside of the NGV.
The Great hall

And the front wall of the foyer which is glass covered with a wall of water.Then as we crossed the Yarra River to walk back to the station I had to catch the afternoon light.

The new parts of the skyline.

The old, St Pauls Cathedral

And in some spots where the new dominatesIf you look closer you can see that the old has also been preserved.


Old Kitty said...

I'm thinking you're so bad to disturb Debbie's lie in! LOL!! Aww but it's worth it for a visit to this exhibition!! Yay!

That lovely clocktower dome thing is so dwarfed by that tall new building! Reminds me of poor St Pauls in London - a white-ish marble of curves and domes completely overshadowed by glass and steel!

Lovely pics!

Take care

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

I have a feeling your bride was more than happy to haul herself out of bed to take this excursion with you. Sounds (and looks) like it was a blast.

Ann said...

What a great trip. I am jealous!

Kit Courteney said...

I love Klimt, too.


Great pics, as ever.

mshatch said...

Klimt is amazing and I love all your pics/glimpses into your city.

Linda G. said...

You guys have the best dates! Beats the heck out of going to the grocery store or the hardware store, as TG & I tend to fall into. ;)

Carolyn V said...

Wow. Breathtaking ( I love the one of the wall of water. wow.)

Lisa said...

I'm with Deb--both on the sleeping in and Klimt!

Al said...

Hi Jennifer,
Deb had mixed feelings about the lie in, but she did say she enjoyed the day immensely!
It is funny to see the overshadowing. But at least we do preserve some things for their own sake.

Hi Susan,
She almost had second thoughts but we had a great time.

Hi Ann,
It was fab. I hope there are some great galleries not too far from you?

Hi kit,
I like art, but I can say I am not a fan of anyone in particular.
Thank You!

Hi Ms,
I’ll agree Klimt is amazing.
All too pleased to share!

Hi Linda,
At least at the grocery store you are together.
There is no way I’d get Deb to a hardware store! Unless she wanted something for the garden.

Hi Carolyn,
Thank you!
I love trying to capture water. It’s really challenging.

Hi Lisa,
I can honestly skip either.
I like both but neither is as important to me as they are to Deb!

L'Aussie said...

Hi Al. I think it's about time I took a trip to Melbourne and became reaquainted. Love the pics, esp the one heading back to the station (arch). D