Thursday, August 18, 2011

Grampians Part II

I woke early on Sunday. Leaving Deb asleep in the motel I went out for a stroll to see if I could catch some shots of dawn in Halls Gap.

It was a frosty morning (remember it is winter down this way) The local wildlife brave coming down into the town before people stir.

These are eastern grey kangaroos.

I was able to get quite close. It has been a good season so the kangaroos are busy raising their young. Being marsupials they carry their young around in pouches.

Cute aren’t they?After breakfast we headed out for a day in the northern Grampians.I paused frequently to catch shots of the ranges.
At one spot I caught this little wildflower.Along this bush road we came to the foot hills of Mount ZeroI paused to catch more wildflowers.All around the Grampians Heath Myrtle was floweringA close up. Further along the road we reach our destination for the morning,
The Ngamdjidj Rock Shelter on the walls ancient Aboriginal paintings


Kathleen Jones said...

Wonderful pics Al - particularly the rock paintings and the flowers - ozzie flowers are so strange to us. Brought back memories of the dirt roads too!

Old Kitty said...

Baby Kangas!!! Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!! How lovely to see these beauties!!! Awwww brilliant!!! Yay for a good year for baby joeys!

That wild flower is lovely - oh but the rock drawings!! Absolutely priceless!!

Glad you were up and about so early to take these fab pics! Take care

Linda G. said...

I admit, I'm a sucker for a good baby kangaroo pic, and those are great! :) Love the rest, too.

John Gray said...

how do the animals cope with frost?
is a very cold winter rare there?
just a thought?

Jemi Fraser said...

Great pictures! Love the kangaroos & the rock walls - fabulous! :)

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

As always, your pictures are wonderful. Know what's the very best thing about your photos? You live there, surrounded by all of that amazing scenery and exotic animal and plant life, but you still SEE it and appreciate it. AND ... you share it with us!

Al said...

Hi Susan,
Thank you. I guess beauty is beauty. But I know what you mean it is easy to see the everyday as mundane.

Hi Jemi,
Thank you! Pleased you like them!

Hi John,
That is a hard question to answer. Here in Victoria we have a number of frosts each winter (and snow in the high country). The animals don’t seem bothered.

Hi Linda,
They are pretty lovable aren’t they. Thank you!

Hi Jennifer,
As always your enthusiasm is catching! Glad you liked my pics!

Hi Kathleen,
Thank you! Some of them are pretty strange to me too! Good memories I hope? Maybe not unless you know how to drive dirt roads they aren’t fun.

Anonymous said...

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Misha said...

Wow these pictures are beautiful!

I especially love the ones you took of the wild-flowers.