Monday, August 1, 2011

A Birthday Feast, and Two that got away.

It was my Birthday last week so Deb and I went out on Saturday to celebrate.

Our destination Brandy Creek Winery in Gippsland about an hour and a half east of Melbourne.
The restaurant has a couple of specialities, the one we went for was their ‘Famous Paella Feast’ (their words not mine)They cook not one but five giant paella’s while their guests eat tapas and make merry.
I think the most visually pleasing was the vegetarian.The beef and quail egg tasted nice but looked odd.
My favourite was the seafood. One word describes the event and that was FUN!

Leaving I had to stop to try photographing a pair of eastern rosellas. They are my favourite Oz parrot because they are so colourful. But they are really shy.
I took this shot from a distance because I didn’t think they would let me get nearer.
Alas I was right this was as good as it got. They saw my movement and fled.
One day.

Now I may be off line for a few days because I am having computer problems. I’m about to reformat my hard-drive. If all goes well it’ll take me a few hours, but I’m never optimistic when it comes to computers.

Next: the waterfall I caught on my way home from our feast.


Old Kitty said...


Oh my stars - that;s a feast for giants!! WOW!! Look at the sizes of the saucepans! Look at the portions in them!!! Yum! Yum!!

And yay for the lovely Oz Parrot!!!

The waterfalls pic is magical! Take care

Kathleen Jones said...

happy birthday Al! The paella looked amazing - it's one of my favourite things to eat. Hope the computer reboots ok!

Linda G. said...

Mmmm. Looks like a delicious celebration. Happy Birthday! :)

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

A belated happy birthday to you. And what a lousy "gift" ... computer problems! I hope they turn out much simpler than you're expecting. Great pics. Can almost taste the seafood paella.

John Gray said...

belated birthday greetings al

I miss such eating places living in wales you know
have you made a birthday wish?

JohnD said...

Never been a fan of paella - I find it a little too rustic and lacking couth for a restaurant meal and something better consigned to a farmhouse in winter - but I must say your choice of restaurant looks very nice.

As usual your photography is splendid! I really recommend that you and Steve Bennett exchange some images!

Ann said...

As always the photos are just fabulous! Happy belated birthday Al! Looks like you celebrated with great food, wine and company.

Hope your computer woes don't take too long to sort. I have been having my fair share of those same woes. Que sera sera!

Lynda R Young said...

Happy belated birthday!!!
Wow, that's a paella feast all right! I'm impressed.

Deniz Bevan said...

Happy belated birthday! Oh my, those dishes are huge. They look really yummy.

Carolyn V said...

Happy b-day Al! I'm glad you mentioned it. I just got back to blogging after a long break, so glad you mentioned it. =)

The food looks delicious!

Amanda said...

Happy belated birthday!!!! I've always wanted to try paella! Yum!

Al said...

Hi Jennifer,
I just wish I could get a decent shot of an eastern rosella!
It was Yum!

Hi Kathleen,
Thank you!
It was amazing. Paella is one of my favorites too!

Hi Linda,
It was!
Thank you

Hi Linda,
Thank you!
Yes the computer was a pain!
Seafood paella yuuum!

Hi John G
Thank you!
But Wales is so small you could just shoot to somewhere decent.
Oh sorry that is the Aussie speaking. Two hours drive seems close to me!
I did make a wish but I’m not telling or it might not come true!

Hi John D,
I like rustic food, and when you think about it most Italian and a lot of French cooking is rooted in their rustic traditions.
Thank you for the praise of my piccies!

Hi Ann,
Thank you!
The woes were woeful. Ah well fixed now!

Hi Lynda,
Thank you.
It was a feast and a half!

Hi Deniz,
Thank you. They were huge and yummy!

Hi Carolyn,
Thank you!
It was yum!

Hi Amanda,
Thank you!
It is yum and well worth trying. It is fairly simple so if you can find a recipe give it a try!