Saturday, August 7, 2010

Three Quick Updates.

First (and most important) Dave is much better. A night in hospital and a couple of nights in temporary accommodation have made the world of difference to his health.
Dave used to have a good ‘squat’ but he went away for a few weeks in June to try to find work. When he came back he found his place had been taken (which isn’t surprising). A few more weeks in more exposed places and he became unwell.

We haven’t managed to find anything more permanent for him. As a temporary solution, we will organise him a tent and a new swag. Some of our regulars have agreed to make space under ‘their’ bridge for him to pitch his tent. It’s not much, but at least he should be able to stay dry and relatively warm.

Now on a slightly worrying note: Io (my middle daughter) has come in this evening and said “There is no sign of the swans on the nest.”
I saw one was sitting on Thursday, but I didn’t go past yesterday. Io said she could see eggs apparently abandoned in the nest.

I am a bit worried. However, taking the optimistic line the cygnets may have hatched and the mother may have taken them elsewhere.
It is dark now so there is no point in going out tonight (black swans are awfully hard to see at night).
I was going down in the morning anyway to snap some photos for my Sunday Swan Watch, so I will have a good look around and see what I can see.

Finally, and finishing on a more positive note: back in July I announced Christine was the winner of my Piccie Give-Away.
Christine decided on her three piccies, which I had printed and duly sent off to the UK.
Christine has now received her piccies and has kindly agreed that I can share her choices.
She said it was a lengthy process choosing as she wanted to pick three from a single theme.

The theme she chose was a water/landscape one.
Christine’s choices were:
Bay of Martyrs, Victoria
Rocks and waves at Bermagui

and a restful waterfall The Toorongo Falls


Piedmont Writer said...

Thank you posting the update on Dave. I said a few prayers. And how awful that other people would take his stuff when he was gone to find work.

I'm sorry about the swans. I wouldn't think them to abandon the nest. I hope they're okay.

I am so jealous of Christine. She chose one of the same pictures that I would. They're so beautiful.

Susan Fields said...

Thanks for the update on Dave. I hope the tent helps keep him well.

Please let us know if you find anything out about the swans!

Lucky Christine! Those are amazing piccies - that last one of Toorongo Falls is absolutely breathtaking.

Old Kitty said...

Thank you for the update on Dave. What a story - poor man. He goes away to try and find work to return homeless again. :-(

But I'm glad he'll at least have a tent for himself to keep dry. I'm so sorry for him. I hope a more permanent place for him turns up asap. Fingers crossed.

And oh my goodness I hope the swan family are ok! I hope that if there are any eggs left they're just ones that weren't fertilised cos I know that can sometimes happen. I just hope that they did manage to hatch a few other eggs though! I hope you get to see them soon! Fingers crossed for them too!

Congratulations to Chrisine!! What a lovely selection. I think the Toorongo falls pic is THE BEST of a wonderful bunch!!! :-)

Take care

Christine said...

It's so good to know that Dave is feeling better and hopefully he will continue to keep well.

Oh, where are the swans? You can be forgiven for not searching for black swans in the dark on a Saturday night. But tomorrow...

Yes, what a lucky girl I am with my beautiful piccies...

Lisa said...

Christine made excellent choices! Hope that you find the swans well!

Theres just life said...

Great chose on the photos. They are beautiful.
Hope Dave continues to get better, and that the Swans are okay.
Can't wait to find out tomorrow what happened.

Jenners said...

I think Christine made some excellent choices!!

Hope those little swans are OK.

And blessings on you for doing what you do. It must be hard.

Palindrome said...

Christine definitely made great choices!! I want all of those pictures!! :(