Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sunday Swan Watch III

As I said last night my daughter Io went by the Swans’ pond and saw this:An apparently abandoned nest with at least a couple of eggs visible.

So when I got up in the early morning and headed down I was quite apprehensive about what I would find.

So to my great relief I found this, the Pen sitting on the nest and the Cob in attendance. This is the first time I have seen them together since I started watching them.

I snapped a few more photos.The water was amazingly still so there were some beautiful reflections of the swans.

Then I got distracted by this handsome Swamphen.And a pair of rather chubby looking galahs.Galahs are a fairly popular pet around the world, but like many parrots they originate in Oz.

Then I noticed some kangaroo paws flowering nearby.I heard one of the swans honk and turned back to them, the pen had left the nest.Now the sharp eyed among you might have noticed something in the above piccie. A pair of cygnets have hatched.

One was in the water and the other was riding on mum’s back.The cygnets began exploring with mum carefully watching them.
Dad decided I was too close and interposed himself, coming quite close to me. You’ll notice his wings are partly raised which is a threat display.
I respected his wishes and backed away a bit which seemed to be enough for him.

But I was still close enough to get some beautiful piccies of his little cuties.

This Black Duck noticed my interest and came over to see what I was looking at (probably angling for a feed).As I took another shot By accident I caught this Welcome Swallow as it darted across the water catching low flying insects.

I began wandering home pausing to shoot this ancient river gum. As you can see it was a glorious morning.

Then I noticed something in the grass.
I crept closer.
Grass Parrots (also known as Red-Rumped parrots) were foraging for seeds among the grass.

Finally an Eastern Rosella teased me but wouldn’t let me get a decent photo.
So what a morning I had!
Going from a little apprehensive to excitement over the cygnets, only to top it off with some piccies of more beautiful parrots!


DJ Kirkby said...

Wow...I love these glimpses into your side of the world.

Jayne said...

What a lovely morning you had! Your photos encourage me to go for a walk with my camera - I think my pictures would be cats, dogs, sparrows, magpies, robins and crows! Perhaps ducks if I walked as far as the local park. It's fab to see what the wider world looks like through these posts. :)

Piedmont Writer said...

You say you live in Oz, I think you live in Heaven.

Those pictures are a balm to my soul on this day Al. Thank you so much for posting them.

Jemi Fraser said...

Holy Wow - those are amazing pictures! What beautiful creatures they are. :) You're a lucky and observant man Al!

Susan Fields said...

Wow - you really have to keep your eyes open when you go for a walk or you'll miss some fantastic sights! I'm so glad the swans are doing good and those cygnets are adorable - I love how Mom and Dad are both watching over them.

Old Kitty said...

I want to emigrate and live where you are right now!! With Charlie!! LOL!!! Or maybe not - think of the poor parrots!!

Awww but seriously!! I am so so so so so glad to see the Swan Family are ok - BETTER than ok!! They have BABIES!! And the little swanlings are ADORABLE!!! Are there any more to be hatched? Oh but these babies are lovely!! Thank you for the update on them!

Oh but look at all the flora, fauna and feathered creatures!! You have the most amazing parrots - so colourful!!! I love that shot of the swallow's shadow - how brilliant is that???

Thank you so much for these beautiful pics. The swans are OK!! Yay!

Take care

Kristen M. said...

What a great find and a great walk out. Love posts like this! Thanks for the pick-me-up, Al. :)

L'Aussie said...

Al, what a lovely morning. Our winter weather has been so lovely. The pics of the swans are outstanding..:)

Belle said...

Those little ones are adorable!

Lisa said...

What a great morning you had! I love that you went down expecting the worst and found that there were babies!

Wendy Ramer said...

Awwww, so you're an uncle?

Vampires and Tofu said...

Lovely pictures as always!

Myrna Foster said...

I don't know how I missed so many of your posts - I had to play catch up - but I'm glad the swan story turned out so well. Those cygnets are adorable.

And congratulations on your book! How exciting to hold a copy in your hands!

Christine said...

I'm so glad that the swans and cygnets are thriving, after being fearful that this story was not going to have a happy ending.

What a marvellous walk you had!
I love the way that you caught the swallow's shadow.

Those kangaroo paws look interesting.

Ann said...

You gave me such a fright there for a moment. My stomach sunk in sadness. How cruel of you. The cygnets are darling. What great photos you got. That we could all have such a walk on a Sunday.

Palindrome said...

OMG, those swans are gorgeous!! I absolutely love these pictures.

Claudia said...

Hi Al,
OMG! These are gorgeous photos! I absolutely love the swan with its chicks. Lovely! Thanks for sharing them with us.
By the way, you mentioned you're fishing for publishers. Is your novel edited by a professional? I just interviewed an agent and posted it on my blog. Why don't you swing by so you can see what they look for in a novel? This agent has worked with big publishers. I know some small publishers in the US and Canada (depending on the genre of your book). Don't give up! And, keep sharing your amazing pics!

Jenners said...

That is quite a morning!! And I am in love with that Grass Parrot! Gorgeous colors!!!

And I love the little cygnet riding on his mommy's back!!

Sharon K. Mayhew said...

Way to build a climax with pictures! You live in an amazing place. I think my Dad and Step-Mum are going to come for a few months this winter. :)

Al said...

Hi DJ,
I love sharing them, so we’re even :-)

Hi Jayne,
I Had a great morning. It’s worth a try, who knows what you might see. Chaffinches or blue-tits might seem dull to you but they seem pretty exotic down this way.

Hi Anne,
No, definitely down here in Aussie. Taking them is balm for mine and sharing a bonus

Hi Jemi,
Thank you! They are gorgeous aren’t they?
I guess lucky is the word.

Hi Susan,
There is so much to see if you keep those eyes open.
Swans are usually great parents, they’ll both watch those babies until they are fully fledged.

Hi Jennifer,
You’d be welcome, but Charlie would have to adjust to life as an indoor kitty.
I was hopeful everything was OK and it was, thank goodness.
They certainly are pretty cute aren’t they.
I would guess that the rest of the eggs probably won’t hatch now.
I agree yay!

Hi Kristen,
It was a great walk, and all went well. I love posting things like this so we are both happy! You are most welcome.

Hi Denise,
It was a gorgeous morning. Down this way it is cold and miserable again.
Happy you liked them!

Hi Belle,
Adorable is the word!

Hi Lisa,
I was hopeful, but it is nature and things don’t always work out, so seeing the cygnets was fantastic.

Hi Wendy,
Uncle Al? Doesn’t sound too bad I guess.

Hi Angelique,
Thank you!

Hi Myrna,
Time just flashes past doesn’t it?
It was all good in the end. The cygnets certainly are cute.
Thank you, it was exciting to hold a copy of my book. A real buzz.

Hi Christine,
It’s a relief, that the swans are all well.
I didn’t even realise I’d caught the swallow till I looked at the images later.
The kangaroo paws are gorgeous flowers.

Hi Ann,
Sorry Ann, I didn’t mean to be cruel. I was trying to convey what I had felt the evening before when Io brought the news of an apparently empty nest.
The cygnets certainly are darling.

Hi Hannah,
Gorgeous is the word. Happy you like them!

Hi Claudia,
Welcome to the blog!
Thank you as well, and you are welcome.
The book has been copyedited by a couple of professionals, and looked over by an editor.
Thanks I’ll drop by and have a look.

Hi Jennifer,
The grass parrots are iridescent, gorgeous is the word.
The bub on mum’s back was very special.

Hi Sharon,
The build up certainly worked.
We are very lucky with our environment. So your folks are coming down in our summer?

Wendy R said...

Exquisite, moving pictures with a story of its own. The swan pictures on the water are visual stanzas in a very special poem

Theres just life said...

I could get to the computer the other day, but I have been worried about the swans. I glad to see the family was probably just out for a swim.
Great shoots as usual. Thanks for keeping us posted.

Elizabeth Mueller said...

Great photos!!! I love them! ;) The cuteness of mommies with their fuzzy babies. Thanks for sharing your talent, Al.

Al said...

Hi Wendy,
Life in motion is very special. Being able to observe is a real privilege.

Hi Pamela Jo,
I was hoping that they were just out for a paddle. But not knowing until Sunday morning was a real worry.
Thank you!

Hi Elizabeth,
Welcome to my blog!
Thank you, I am pleased you like them. They are as cute as they come. You are most welcome.