Wednesday, April 28, 2010

When Things Fall Into Place

I experienced a bit of an odd moment on Saturday.
As you know I like to get out and about with my camera in tow.

Anyway I conceived an idea of taking some piccies of a waterfall. I didn’t have one in mind but falling water was what I wanted.

We often haunt the Yarra Valley on our weekend forays. So I naturally thought of Googling waterfalls near our usual haunt.
Only one came up and it was something like one and a half hours walk from the nearest road. Not really something that would daunt me too much, but I thought too far for a Saturday afternoon.

So I cast my web a bit further.

Another waterfall popped up.

Toorongo Falls out in the Gippsland district past Noojee.

Closer to car parking, only twenty five minutes walk each way. Good.

So I ask Google how to get there. Three hours drive each way.

Now don’t get me wrong I am an Aussie, more than that I am a Queenslander and we make our country big up that way.

So normally I wouldn’t worry about a couple of hours drive (each way) on a Saturday afternoon.

But three? And I wanted to get up reasonably on Sunday early to catch ANZAC day the next morning.

Another one for the back burner, I thought.

Five minutes later Deb wandered in to my study.

‘Shall we go somewhere today.’

‘I’d like to. Where do you think?’

‘I thought out past Yarra Junction, past Powelltown. You know the road that leads down towards Warragul?’

Deb had just outlined 80% of the trip to Noojee and the Falls.

So of course that was that, we were going.

It took us about two hours, not three. Google’s estimates are usually pretty good. But clearly we kept up a higher average on windy mountain roads than they expect. Plus, although it was a long-weekend, it was rainy. So the road was quiet.

When we got there it was wet, and it was getting late. Deb thought about it, but knitting in a warm car suddenly seemed far more attractive than traipsing along a muddy, leech infested track.

I checked the time, as I said it was late and cloudy. It gets very dark, very quickly in the bush. I’ve been caught in the bush in the dark before and it isn’t fun without a good light (there is probably another post there some time).

But I figured I had enough time: to get to the falls; take some piccies; and get back before I lost the light.

Five minutes into the walk the track crosses the Toorongo River. Thanks to the rain there was plenty of water, which is good when you want to take photos of a waterfall. With the Oz climate being what it is, I have arrived at many a “waterfall” to think, ‘Hmm, interesting cliff. Now where is that waterfall?’

I thought the swollen stream rushing around some lovely moss covered boulders was too attractive to not grab a couple of piccies. So here you are, I shot these quickly because I was by now worried that I simply wouldn’t have enough light to get the waterfall.From the crossing it was a good climb the whole way to the Falls. I caught the glimpse about halfway up that I teased you with last night. I shot that with a long telephoto lens.

Then finally I was at the falls. But it was by now almost dark.
So dark in fact that I would have had no chance to capture anything if I hadn’t brought a tripod.

So I got these with a really long exposure. What do you think?(The one above was Deb's favourite.)
I am happy with them, especially given they were shot under really bad conditions.I’ve included this one to give an indication of how long the exposure was. I “ruined” it by moving the camera before the shutter closed. It almost looks like mist rising off the falls.


Old Kitty said...

Googling is fun isn't it??

I'm glad you and your lovely wife took the trip to these waterfalls because they are absolutely lovely - especially taken in "bad light".

I haven't a clue about photography but these pics for me are astonishing!! There's a magical surreal feel to the waterfalls - I like how the thin trunks of the trees frame the water - I like the mist effect!


Thanks for sharing

Take care

Jaydee Morgan said...

They really are awesome pics. I give you a lot of credit for venturing out to all these destinations but the rewards definitely look worth it.

Falen said...

We only have like one waterfall in the state.

Lisa K. said...

The photos are gorgeous. I'm a big of a photography bug myself, and I always carry a tripod in the back of my car. Sometimes it makes all the difference.

Lisa K. said...

But I'm a bad proofreader apparently! That should have said "a bit of a photography bug myself."

Cynthia Reese said...

Wow, gorgeous photos, and you have a steady hand indeed with that camera and long exposure!

Ann said...

These photos are fantastic!! Absolutely Fantastic. Are you putting together a picture book? If not you should seriously consider it.

Kristen M. said...

Very nice, Al! I'm glad you seemed to have made it back without incident, too. :) Now you've got me thinking about taking waterfall pics. It's the perfect time of year up here in Seattle with the snow starting to melt.

Valerie Wangnet said...
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Anonymous said...

Wow these are stunning. Reminds me of our West Coast with the ferns. Gorgeous!

heidenkind said...

Those are really great!

Al said...

Hi Kitty,
Absolutely, Googling is fun!
It was a beautiful spot, well worth the effort.
The long exposures actually helped with the look of the falling water. Blurring and blending the splashes.
I like the mist effect even though it was an accident.
Thank you!

Hi Jaydee,
Thank you!
I don’t deserve too much credit, it is great fun. Plus sharing the piccies and experiences make it all the more worthwhile.

Hi Sarah,
Pleased you like the waterfall.
Only one? How sad. But then I guess you have some fantastic lakes to make up for it.

Hi Lisa,
Thank you!
We have two cars, sometimes I forget to transfer my ‘pod into the right car when we take off. Then I spend the afternoon kicking myself, because they do make all the difference for so many shots. These would have been impossible, it was so dark that some of these exposures were six seconds!

Hi again!
I am a really bad proof-reader too, and I’d probably never have noticed!

Hi Cynthia,
Thank you, pleased you like them!
I wish I did have a stead hand. These piccies would have been impossible without the help of a tripod.

Hi Ann,
Wow, thank you!
A few people have suggested a book. It is certainly an idea worth exploring, someday when I have some time.

Hi Kristen,
Thank you. Indeed, no sprained ankles or anything. Waterfalls are always great at times like snowmelt, and more predictable than rain.

Hi Valerie,
Welcome and thank you.
It is fantastic to bump into Aussies, there aren’t that many of us out in the blogosphere.
Thank you and best of luck with your own endevours!

Hi Niki,
Thank you!
I’m going to have to get over to your patch of real estate some time. Everything I have ever read or seen make NZ seem pretty impressive.

Hi Tasha,
Thank you! Happy you like them!

Wendy R said...

Every picture here a poem in itself - it must be that artist's eye of yours, Al. Thank you so much Al for sharing.

Jenners said...

You did seem destined to go there! Those falls photos are wonderful ... Mr. Jenners has been trying to get that effect with the moving water for awhile but our Little One never gives him enough time to get the shot. Well done!

Al said...

Hi Wendy,
The falls were beautiful and easily a form of visual poetry. It is a pleasure to share and more of a pleasure to know you enjoyed my piccies.

Hi Jenners,
It did feel very like we were "meant" to go. Thank you for the compliment.
I don't know what kind of camera Mr Jenners has, but he needs a tripod, and to set the camera for a long exposure (even if the light is ok).

Yvonne Osborne said...

Awesome pics., as always. Waterfalls are so soothing and beautiful. And you certainly have an eye for the camera lens. Thanks for sharing!

M. Gray said...

It really does look like mist is falling on the last one. I love love love your last several pics. I wish I could hang them in my house!

C. Pinheiro, EA ABA said...

The waterfall pics are really fantastic. The last one really does look like mist coming off the falls.

Shannon O'Donnell said...

Wow. I'm speechless. The photos are beyond stunning! I absolutely love them. :-)

Myrna Foster said...

They're gorgeous. Thanks for sharing them and the fun story about how you got there.

Talli Roland said...

Oh, they're gorgeous! How lucky are you that you live os close to such beautiful nature.

I'm jealous! Thanks for sharing.

Aubrie said...

Wowee those are gorgeous pictures!I like how the water is thin enough to see the rocks.

Jen said...

GORGEOUS!!! I love them, I'm so glad that you ended up going so we could have just an ounce of serenity for the weekend. Beautiful Al, simply beautiful!

Al said...

Hi Yvonne,
Soothing and beautiful is indeed a great way to describe waterfalls. Thank you!

Hi M.,
It does look like mist, not bad for an accident? I am so pleased you like my piccies. Now you have me thinking…

Hi Christy,
Thank you! Like I said above, an accident that led to something interesting.

Hi Shannon,
Speechless? Surely not :). I am so pleased you like them.

Hi Myrna,
They are indeed gorgeous. I am only to happy to share the pics and the story, it is a bonus that you like them.

Hi Talli,
We are lucky indeed. Thank you for you praise! Hey I am jealous of where you live, London has plenty to offer as well.

Hi Aubrie,
Thank you! I agree the way the water sprays over the rock face is lovely.

Hi Jen,
I am so pleased you like my piccies. I am glad I got there too, and glad to share. Thank you!

Mary Warner said...

Gorgeous pics, Al, particularly considering the conditions.

Lisa said...

That's an absolutely gorgeous waterfall. I concur with Deb!

Al said...

Hi Mary,
Thank you. The conditions were awful, it was such a bonus the piccies turned out so well.

Hi Lisa,
I am pleased you like it!.
There has to be one sensible one in every marriage. Deb must be the one in ours!