Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Proud Dad

I’ve been scanning some of my old photographs to keep for posterity.

I have thousands of prints and negatives that I would like to scan. So it is proving a very slow task.

Here are a few piccies that I have scanned recently. These are quite dusty and damaged because we had them in a frame.

They were taken on a frosty morning about 22 years ago.

This is E our eldest (who is not quite 24 now).

The night before a bowl she had been playing with had been left out on the grass with some water in it.

To E’s amazement there was a layer of ice on the water when she got up in the morning.Look Mum!You can see through it!
It’s crunchy!Dad, will you take it? My fingers are cold!


Rayna M. Iyer said...

Kids that age are a delight, aren't they?

Old Kitty said...

Awwwwwwww!! What lovely pics of your sweet daughter when she was younger - I love her fascination with the ice and her many candid expressions!


Thanks for sharing

Take care

Christine said...

I love the sense of wonder that is evident in her face in the second and third pics. Lovely!

Falen said...

so. cute.

Indigo said...

I love these. A plethora of expressions. (Hugs)Indigo

Jaydee Morgan said...

It's always fun looking back at old pictures :) These were great!

Shannon O'Donnell said...

Awww...I love this! :-)

Jemi Fraser said...

Awesome photos! What a cutie :)

Myrna Foster said...

My youngest is about that age, and she is so much fun! Thanks for sharing your pictures. Your daughter was adorable.

Al said...

Hi Rayna,
Kids are a delight at that age, and pretty much any time they are extending their universe.

Hi Kitty,
Thank you. She was amazed by the ice. Even now she is amazingly expressive. You always have a pretty good idea of what E is thinking just by looking at her face.

Hi Christine,
I think these are some of my favourite photos. They captured E beautifully.

Hi Sarah,
I agree – cute!

Hi Indigo,
Happy you liked them. She certainly gave me some worthwhile piccies.

Hi Jaydee,
I love old piccies. Thank you pleased you liked them.

Hi Shannon,
Glad you liked them.

Hi Jemi,
Thanks. She was darned cute wasn’t she?

Hi Myrna,
Kids are can be fun, or a handful, or both at the same time!
You are welcome, and she was adorable (mind you I guess she still is).

DJ Kirkby said...

Awww sweet, what lovely memory prompts for E and yourselves.

Wendy R said...

So touched by this one and the sadness of time flying by so fast...w

Jenners said...

So cute!!!!

And I'm sure all the time and effort are worth it to preserve these photos!

Al said...

Hi DJ,
She was and is a sweetheart. E swears she can remember the day.

Hi Wendy,
Isn’t memory wonderful. Simultaneously a joy and a bitter-sweet reminder of time flashing past.

Hi Jenners,
She was damn cute!
All the effort is certainly worthwhile.

Lisa said...

So cute. Love that you have the whole process documented.

Al said...

Hi Lisa,
She certainly was cute.
It was a beautiful series off piccies,and it is a joy to have caught her learning about the world.

Amanda said...

Oh I love this! LOL! I think I probably had a similar outfit when I was little - purple corduroy.

Al said...

Hi Amanda,
Hey pleased it has stirred up some happy memories for you!