Monday, May 3, 2010

Nothing Profound

I thought I’d share a little of the weather we have been having over the past week.

Late the other afternoon we had a huge storm blow in from the North-East.

It was still well and truly daylight but in an instant it was half-light.

You’ll have to excuse the poor quality of these photos, but I was trying to prevent my camera from getting too wet.The wind, as you can see was driving the rain across our neighbourhood. Inside a minute of this rain and our gutters were overflowing like crazy.In the North of Oz when it rains it tends to pour. Cloudbursts aren’t as common down here in Victoria, but we certainly have our share.

The sound of a downpour like this on a steel roof has to be heard to be believed.

Then, as usually happens with this type of storm, it was gone.

An hour later the clouds now moving away to the West gave us a pretty sunset.


KarenG said...

Great pictures but they make me feel like snuggling under the covers and NOT going outdoors!!

Al said...

Hi Karen,
If I ever hold a competition to see who can comment the quickest after I post I guess you might win!
I swear the web-ink (if there is such a thing) wasn't even dry!
I agree and on that note it is my bed-time, so goodnight.

Jaydee Morgan said...

I have a major distaste for cloudy and rainy days. I'm the type of person who needs the sun. However, the sunset pics afterward would make it more bearable.

Old Kitty said...

I really like the droplets of rain pics!

I've always found it amazing at such weather - the skies darken, the heavens break, the rain pours, the wind gusts. Then it is over. Clouds roll back, the sun peaks through the wind dies down completely and the puddles dry up.

All in the space of an hour or so. Or even less.


Take care

Jayne said...

I can only imagine the sound of the driving rain on a steel roof, but guess it isn't something one can easily ignore! Your pics show how the weather can bleed colour from the day - so grey! But then afterwards, the glories of the sunset. :)

Christine said...

The sunset sky really does look washed clean. What huge droplets of rain! Hope you stayed dry.

Elspeth Antonelli said...

We're having the same type of weather here on Canada's west coast - rain and wind. All our late spring blossoms are being blown away!

Cynthia Reese said...

That was a LOT of rain! Glad you didn't get washed away!

Lisa said...

I absolutely LOVE when it rains like this! The kids and I go sit on the porch to watch if the wind isn't blowing it up there. And it smells to great when it's done!

Anonymous said...

We are having quite a dry autumn. No good for growing grass for winter feed. brrrr I feel all chilly looking at those photos, hehe. But I do love the sound of rain on the roof.

Jenners said...

I love the sound of rain on the roof .... but a steel roof is probably amazing!

Ann said...

Fabulous photos as usual. I too love the sound of rain on the roof. We had a downpour last night and I remembered how comforted I felt in my warm space as the rain pelted the roof.

Anonymous said...

Hi Al, I tagged you, sorry hehe

Myrna Foster said...

I love rain! Your picture with the raindrops is my favorite.

Palindrome said...

I love rain pictures! Rainy days are my favorite!

Al said...

Hi Everybody,
sorry it took me so long to get to responding to your comments, I’ve had some deadlines at work.

Hi Karen,
Snuggling under the covers is great in inclement weather.

Hi Jaydee,
I love all weather except long term grey dreary days. I love the sun, but wild weather like this makes me feel alive too.
The sunset piccies were just icing on the cake to me.

Hi Kitty,
The rain piccies work don’t they?
I love how changeable this amazing planet can be. From tempest to quiet contemplation in an hour.

Hi Jayne,
As I say a steel roof in a thunderstorm has to be heard to be understood. Modern houses with ceiling insulation and the like don’t get as noisy as old ones. In an old fashioned Queenslander House in a tropical storm you have to shout to be heard.
Yes drear, to glory in an hour!

Hi Christine,
The sky was well and truly washed. I managed to stay mostly dry, as sid my camera!

Hi Elspeth,
Yours is a pretty wet part of the world isn’t it? Spring blossom is beautiful, what a shame to lose it like that.

Hi Cynthia,
It bucketed down!

Hi Lisa,
I love a wild storm too. The veranda was getting soaked, just not as quickly.
Yes, I love the smell of the wet earth after rain.

Hi Niki,
Land of the Long white cloud not quite living up to its name?
I hope it won’t cause too many problems over winter. Do you guys use as many iron roofs over there in Kiwi Land as we do?

Hi Jenners,
A steel roof is amazing! It can sound like you are inside a mad drummer’s kit. Nice to know it over your head if you get decent sized hailstones!
Hi Ann,
There is nothing nicer than feeling warm and safe in bed when there is a storm raging outside!

Hi Niki,
Thanks! I think :)

Hi Myrna,
I love rain, one of my favourite experiences is standing out in a tropical storm after the heat has built all day.

Hi Palindrome,
Pleased you like my piccies. I like rainy days as long as it isn’t too cold!

Anonymous said...

We have an iron roof, but I think colour steel is the thing nowadays. I like tiles. :o)