Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Four N’ Twenty

Well I seem to have aroused a great deal of curiosity over Four ‘N Twenty Pies.

How do I answer the simple question what is a Four ‘N Twenty Pie?

Well being creative (or foolish) I am going to engage in a little cliché.

If you feel I malign you or your much loved nation, well all I can do is apologise in advance.

When people feel the need for a little snack, or lunch on the run across the world they often fall back on a local tradition.

The French eat croissants.The English eat egg and chips.Americans reach for a hot dog.Aussies when eating on the run traditionally grab a meat pie.And in Victoria the most favoured brand of meat pie is a Four ‘N Twenty.Absolutely the most traditional place to eat a pie is while watching Aussie Rules Football at the MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground).To complete the wrap up of cliché I include a piccie of a Four N’ Twenty being eaten at the footy.

Just to totally change the subject, I thought you might be interested in another reflection I caught on the pond I showed you the other night
Down at the far end was:(you’ll have to forgive the quality, this is a small section cropped from a much larger photo).

Most of the images in this post were from Wikimedia Commons . The Kangaroo reflection is mine.

Next: I answer the question "You want to publish your third book in five years. What about the first?"


Jemi Fraser said...

Thanks for satisfying our curiosity! Gotta say I don't think that's ever going to make my faves list! I'm Canadian, and don't like our traditional tortiere (meat pie) either. Go figure :)

Old Kitty said...

A-ha!! So THAT'S a Four n Twenty pie! I see!! :-)

Looks tasty!

But not as tasty as egg n chips - can't beat egg n chips. With a gherkin.

I love that kangaroo reflection!!

Take care

Kyna said...

Never heard of a Four n Twenty lol. But now I have I guess. That actually looks like it would be the perfect thing to eat at a football game...

Love aussie rules football, btw. We played it in gym class at my high school in Canada, and Iw as really good at it lol.

KarenG said...

I'm suddenly very hungry. For a hot dog. That's what Americans eat at games and everywhere else. You got that one right!

Palindrome said...

OMG, I soo want a meat pie! You said pie and I pay attention.

I do love a hot dog...and croissants...and egg and chips.

Can you tell I like to eat?? ;)

Christine said...

Oh, the relief at knowing about the Four 'N Twenty Pie! :-) Thank you.

You always manage to delight your followers, Al. The kangaroo pic is beautiful.

C. Pinheiro, EA ABA said...

The kangaroo pic IS beautiful!

And thanks for the claification on the pie. I can honestly say I have never eaten a meat pie in my life-- especially one that you hold in your hand.

I've lived in Portugal and in the United States, and it's true that in the US, people eat hot dogs, but I've stopped buying them because I think that they will kill me eventually.

In portugal, we would eat hard flavorless crackers (they used to call them "milk crackers") with pieces of fried fish. That's what I remeber, anyway.

Cynthia Reese said...

THANK YOU! I was thinking blackbirds for sure!

Kristen M. said...

I'm a little afraid when it says "the classic taste of meat and gravy". Is there ACTUAL meat and gravy in there or just flavor? ;) And what kind of meat is it?

Love the 'roo!

Yvonne Osborne said...

I'm one of those who wondered so thanks. They remind me of pasties, the famous Upper Peninsula meat and potatoes pie which has its origin in Finland.

Myrna Foster said...

Thanks! I'll pass on the hotdog though.

Jaydee Morgan said...

Good lesson here - no reading posts like this before I eat. Now, I'm hungry!

Angie Paxton said...

Never had a meat pie before. I have to say it doesn't look very appealing, but then again neither does the hot dog. Loved that picture. That's so cool.

Al said...

Hi Jemi,
I can see that you think it doesn’t look too appealing in the piccies. But they make good ballast for an empty tum.

Hi Jennifer,
That is indeed a Four ‘N Twenty. Hmm, I have to go with you on the egg and chips (don’t know about the gherkin), but the pie is an awful lot more portable than a plate of egg and chips.
Pleased you liked the skippy.

Hi Kyna,
Now you are admitted in to the ranks of the enlightened :-).
It is the perfect thing to eat at the footy. On a cold winter night up in the stands something warm is exactly what you neeed.
Ausse Rules it is so fast it makes a great spectacle. Hey it’s nice to hear we have a few converts over your way.

Hi Karen,
The hot dog certainly comes across as the portable food in the USA. I have to say I prefer the good ol’ meat pie, but I have been known to eat the occasional hot dog.

Hi Hanna,
Sorry for making you hungry.
I have to say I love all the items on my list.
I’m with you food and eating is one of the great pleasures in life!

Hi Christine,
I am pleased relieved you of such a terrible anxiety :-)
Thank you for sharing your enjoyment, I am pleased I hit the mark.
It is a terrible pic in terms of quality, but I do quite like it.

Hi Christy,
Thank you I’m pleased you liked the kangaroo.
You should try one! They are good (at least good ones are). They are so much an institution here that they even make vegetarian ones (with soy or chickpea) so vege’s don’t have to miss out.
Hot dogs like pies are best eaten in moderation. Even if they aren’t going to kill me, they certainly do much for my waistline.
The fried fish and crackers sound intriguing, I’d love to try them sometime.

Hi Cynthia,
No, no blackbirds. Although, blackbirds are an introduced pest here, so maybe…

Hi Kristen,
The “classic taste of…” always raises alarm bells doesn’t it?
There is actual meat in a Four ‘N Twenty. By pure coincidence there was an article in yesterday’s local paper on meat pies and their contents. It is definitely meat, but what part of the beast is perhaps best not inquired in to :-)
Happy you liked the big fellow.

Hi Yvonne,
You are welcome.
I know what Cornish Pasties are. Pasties (at least in Oz) tend to be dryer, they wouldn’t be made with gravy here.
Hi Myrna,
Pie then? Or maybe a croissant?

Hi Jaydee,
Sorry! Hope you were able to satisfy the growling tum.

Hi Angie,
Food is really hard to photograph. Do you like hot dogs? I would take an Aussie pie over a hot dog any day.
Pleased you liked the kanga.

prashant said...
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Lisa said...

Are you telling me that if I want to watch a footie game, that I'm going to have to have meat pies shipped in?

Al said...

Hi Lisa,
Yep that's right.
A pie as as obligatory to watch a footy game as a hot dog is for a basball one :-)