Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Two answers, one question.

Well unlike last week 
we had four guesses for this week’s WIIW
Linda G guessed: “Hmm. Looks like sunlight shining on a rock formation, maybe something with opals?”
It is bright sunlight shining off something smooth, so that earns 50%. But it isn’t mineral.

Marcy guessed: “I was thinking a cement bench or stone seating of some sort - maybe. And I thought the other one was someone's shadow being cast. but I don't think I'm right on either count.”

Well your first guess is just dead wrong.
But your second earns 50%, it is a shadow but of something much smaller than a person.

Dawn guessed: “I think the first is the shadow of someone's head on a book or car. Or a sidewalk? The second is a flat rock patio with moss growing between the stones. Right? Am I right on that one?!
 Alas No.
50% for the shadow. But the second is way off.

Susan guessed: “The first one looks like a layer of frost or snow on a windshield, and I have no idea what the second one is. But it sure is interesting. I especially like that prismatic patch of color.”

Alas the first is wrong.  The surface those colours are refracting on are probably going to surprise you.

First to the older WIIW.

The shadow on this paper daisy petal was cast by another petal.
So what is the smooth shiny surface?
This handsome fellow is a Land Mullet (Egernia major)   they are a giant skink lizards that are fairly common in the rainforest here. Although you don’t often see them.
I snapped this fellow crossing our track a few weeks ago. He was a large fellow about 60cm (2 feet) long.
Which brings us to this weeks WIIW.
What on Earth do you think this might be?


Yvonne Osborne said...

Why, that's you! Standing on the edge of the world.

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

Hmmmm, I have two very different guesses: a rocky formation of quartz or some other mineral... or a silky cobweb or network of cocoons of some sort. (Told ya they were very different.)

mshatch said...

It could be ore and someone's feet...?

Dawn Simon said...

Would you believe my next guess was a skink lizard? No, I wouldn't either.

So much fun! You were over-generous with your 50%, but I'll take it!

The new picture: I think it's someone standing on something frozen. Or is it fleece?

Have a great week!