Friday, November 22, 2013

Shameless Comercialism

Well, as you know I have  posted the odd piccie on this blog over the years.
Like this:
 I have decided I am going to try to make my camera habit begin to contribute to its own upkeep.

With that in mind I have been looking for a way to sell some of my piccies.

What I have hit on is a site called Redbubble.
The way it works is you upload your work, tell them what format you want to sell it in. They manage sales, printing and postage and then pay you a royalty.

The upside is it is a very easy way to make your work available.The downside is like any product on the web you pretty much have to market it yourself, and your images are likely to be drowned in a sea of other people's work.

So with nothing to lose I have made a start.
I have put together two calendars (figuring Christmas is near) and so far most of the images in the calendars are available in various other formats  from prints, to greeting-cards, to posters.
 The first features piccies of sunsets I have taken along the southern Oz coast.

The second features some of my favourite waterfall piccies

If you click on either it will take you to the Redbubble site where you can have a look at them and the piccies I have added to my portfolio.

If you don't want to pay for the calendars, the cards and small prints are much cheaper.

I'll also be adding some more photos from my archive - things like cute Oz animals.  If you "follow me" on Redbubble, you will automatically be sent updates on what I add.  Go on, you know you want to :-)


mshatch said...

what a great idea! I'll have to tell my son about this :)

Lisa said...

Good for you and good luck!

Dawn Simon said...

Good idea! Your photos are beautiful, so it totally makes sense (or cents--or hopefully, dollars)!

Linda G. said...

Fantastic idea! Your beautiful photos are perfect for this. Best of luck with your endeavor. :)