Saturday, August 24, 2013

Crazy Aussies and WIIW

Well we had three guesses for this week’s WIIW. Two were not really close but the third was soooo close…

Linda G guessed: “I think it's some sort of recessed lighting for your house.”

It is kind of recessed at the moment, and it is for our house, but it isn’t any kind of light fitting. 40%

Marcy guessed: “I was thinking the same thing although I thought it was somewhere else, maybe a public building.”

Unfortunately the public building part of your guess reduces your score 20%

Now to Susan who said: “To me, it looks like light coming up through a hole. Maybe the picture is taken in the attic?”

It is absolutely light coming up through a hole, but a floor below where an attic would be (if we had one). So you earn 80%.

It is a hole in our bathroom floor!

I have graded and tiled the bathroom floor, the two holes are what will be the floor waste in the shower and the drain in the middle of the floor.

The light is coming through because there is not yet any plumbing connected beneath the floor.

The vivid green is not our idea of a wall colour, it is in fact the waterproof membrane that protects the walls from water penetration and will soon be covered.

Now to the Crazy Aussies part of my title.

Why crazy?

Deb and I have moved in to the cottage. 

It is still winter and we have moved in to a house with -
No bathroom
No kitchen
And  perhaps more importantly given the frosty nights…
No ceilings and
No wall linings!

Oh add to that no electricity and no running water.

Why did we move in?

Well as you may be aware we have been boarding at my mum’s house which is a good half hour drive from our cottage on the “back” of the property.
As much as we love my Mum and Stan her husband, Deb and I kind of needed our own space again.
Plus with only working at the day job I will gain at least an hour each day I work on the cottage by not having to go back and forth.

So a quick tour of the house as it is now…
The head of our bed and the back wall of our bedroom. Note the torch and battery lights on the bed head (no electricity remember). We have some pretty good LED battery lights so we don’t sit in the dark when the sun goes down.

Turning the other way we look through our bedroom wall into the living room and through into the front room. I wasn’t kidding when I said we have no wall linings!

As for the kitchen, we have a temporary sink (the original one that I have reconnected to the drain, but the water can is our water supply (refilled from the rainwater tank outside).
The slow combustion stove will provide heat and hot water, but because the plumbing is not connected we can’t light it at the so we don’t damage the water jacket.

The other corner of the kitchen has a table and the gas burner we are using for cooking at the moment.

Human washing is currently done in a basin, and we go to Mum’s for a shower every couple of days.

Stop press: today I got the ceiling in the bathroom and tiled one wall (the wires dangling through the ceiling will ultimately be for light fittings)


Linda G. said...

You guys ARE crazy. *grin* And made of hardier stock than I! Of course, now you have even more incentive to work fast.

mshatch said...

Wow, you guys are really roughing it! But I love seeing how the cottage is coming. Love the bath tile.

Old Kitty said...

Oh you are both home!! Oh you know - you both put in so much time and effort with this project I just know that the positives of moving in now outweigh all else! You are home!

p.s. glad I didn't do that WIIW!! Holes in your bathroom!?!?! Devious!! LOL!

Take care