Monday, April 15, 2013

Stop Start: Cottage Update

Well the weather has been playing havoc with building this past weekend.
But we managed to make fairly good progress in between the rain showers.

In this area we have only had 35 fine days since Christmas and half of them were in January!
A dry day has become a topic of conversation, and excitement! 

So we lost most of Friday, it was simply too wet.
But Saturday was better and Sunday was actually sunny all day!

Unfortunately, I don't have any piccies taken along the way because we were just plugging on, but this is where we finished last night.
This piccie shows the view through the new west window.
The trestle is what I have been using to get high enough to work on the side of the house.
The two small trees just outside are ancient peach trees, at least fifty years old.

The west wall of our lounge has been re-framed, the window flashed and in and the whole made temporarily watertight with foil sarking.  I have rebuilt the whole wall because the new window is larger then the old, but fortunately the old timbers were less rotted so I have been able to recycle many of them back into the frame.

This piccie shows the side of the house after I had packed up. I think I mentioned once before the little tank stand on the side is the hot water system.
Hot water is heated by a slow combustion wood stove in the kitchen (or will be again). The firewood is cut from dead wood off the farm. Treading softly here we come.


Old Kitty said...

Gosh, the view continues to astound me!! It's lovely and your cabin is really shaping up!! Hope you continue to have good dry days!! Take care

Linda G. said...

Looking good, Al! May your sunny days multiply. :)

mshatch said...

Yes, our sunny days have been few and far between lately as well, which has left us cooler than I care for! If we get any good days I'll try to send them down to you when we're done ;)

Lisa said...

Once again amazed by how far you have come so quickly. Too bad the weather hasn't been more cooperative - wouldn't you know it, a wet summer the year you need it to be dry?!