Monday, April 1, 2013

In Which Al is Humbled

Well it has been days since I posted my WIIW (we are now closer to next Wednesday than last).
But having sulked for most of the week I will have to stir myself to post an answer.
(Actually I have been working on the cottage such long hours outside my day job I just haven’t had a moment to post.)
In my arrogance last week I posted this Image for WIIW and said  “I suspect no one is going to get 100% on this one”

Only someone did! And in the first comment!

So in a vain attempt to salvage some pride I will run through the not quite correct answers.

Linda G. said... “It's grating of some sort, possibly on some old historic building?”
Not on a building, but I guess it can be called a grating so that earns 60%

 Old Kitty said... “Erm.... it's an extreme close up of a waffle! “
Not food, nope. But I guess that earns 50 bonus points for creativity.

Dawn Simon said... “It's a building! Or...maybe a close-up on an electronic device?”
No, it is neither, and unlike so many WIIW this is not a close up.

Which brings me to Marcy who commented first with “Looks like metal or possibly wood grating, like on a drain in the street or on a boat or maybe a jail. That's my guess(es).”

Well it is, as I said above, a grating and your scatter-gun approach hit dead on with “on a boat” so I have to award 100%
I took this piccie of a paddle steamer on the Murray River. Boats like this towed barges laden with agricultural produce across the whole Murray-Darling river basin from the late 1800s until the early 20th Century. They almost passed into history with the arrival of the railways in the 1900s, but enthusiasts saved this vessel, and indeed a flotilla of others at the Murray River town of Echuca.


Susan Flett Swiderski said...

YAY, Marcy!

Old Kitty said...

Well done Marcy!!!

And well done you, Al for doing a great job with your cottage! Yay! Take care

Dawn Simon said...

Wow, Marcy! And you even said "on a boat." I've never even seen a boat like that!

Cool photo and history tidbit, Al! :) Thanks for the fun!