Friday, April 5, 2013

Al almost pulls it off

Well when I posted this WIIW image I hoped to score some points for myself. 
But although most people fell into the trap I set, one of the first round guesses is so close that it takes the cigar.
Anne, Linda, Marcy and Jennifer (AKA Old Kitty) all saw the shiny bubble look and plumped for some variation of an inflatable plastic object/
Well guys you are only partly right, it is inflatable, but it is a biological structure not plastic.

That brings us to John Gray with his guess of "jelly fish". That earns a score of 95%!
This guy is what we call a "Bluebottle"in Oz. In most of the rest of the world it is called a "Portuguese man o' war".
Although they are jellyfish like they are strictly in another group called siphonophores
Unlike jellyfish they float around on the surface dangling their tentacles down into the water. They are unpleasantly common in Oz waters causing around 10,000 stings each year. The sting is not usually dangerous but is extremely painful.
I have been lucky enough to never be stung, but poor Deb has been; she described it as intense pain that made her feel like she was "having a heart-attack".

Just a quick final word, Deb and I are off to Queensland for a lighting trip this weekend. Our baby Lu has been visiting us for the past week. So this weekend we are shooting up to visit our eldest in southern QLD before dropping Lu off at the airport in Brisbane to fly back to Melbourne. A round trip of 1,200 km (750 miles).


John Gray said...

Yay I actually won something.........
Pity there's no expensive prize x

mshatch said...

wow, that's amazing! We don't see jelly fish up here in Maine - too cold! But I remember seeing them when I was taking junior life-saving. Ack!

Linda G. said...

Now, there's an attractive animal. Not. *grin*

Old Kitty said...

Oh my stars it's a weird and wonderful creature from the depths of the oceans! How amazing!!!!

Take care