Saturday, July 28, 2012

Our Car

Given I posted about my first car the other day I thought I would post about one of our (two) current cars.  It is Italian! A FIAT Ritmo
I have to say I have nearly as much fun driving this as I did driving my old Toyota.
I take that back this pocket rocket is more fun, and it gets 38 miles per gallon (even with petrol-head Al driving)


Linda G. said...

Looks like a fun drive--very sporty!

mshatch said...

I wish my car was more fun to drive but at least it's a standard; automatics are a bore!

Al said...

Hi Linda,
it is fun. Quick and corners like it is on rails!

Hi Marcy,
Standard? We call them "manual" gearboxes down here. Perhaps it is an Italian thing but this model of car comes with a 6-speed manual (or standard) you couldn't even buy it in an automatic.

Kathleen Jones said...

Grey skies just like England!
We're driving an old Peugeot estate at the moment, 2 litre diesel so it does more than 50 to the gallon and runs an ac unit during the summer. It's great for carting sculture stuff around. But I miss my old VW convertible - that was such fun!