Thursday, July 26, 2012

Not one but two Birthdays!

In another one of those “Oops I forgot moments”  I have realised that the birthday of this little blog has passed me by.

I started this little effort just over three years ago. To be precise my first post was on 8 July 2009.
Here in Oz we put the day of the month before the month so today is 26 July 2012 down here (not July 26 2012).

So as well as happy birthday Al I guess it is happy birthday blog!
Now to my “What, er Who is it Wednesday?”
Well all of you were kind of close-ish or on target!

Jennifer (aka Old Kitty) guessed - “Boy staring at the camera holding the half eaten bit of bread (back, second from left?)”
Linda G agreed - saying “tough one! They're all adorable. Hmm. I think I have to agree with Old Kitty.”

No that isn’t me, BUT it is my half-brother Chris (hippy families were strange things back in the 1960s) .

Marcy guessed - “I think you're the blond boy up front holding something up - a card?”

Nope that isn’t me either BUT it is another one of my half-brothers Murray (what are the odds?)

Lisa guessed - “Far right?”

And Kristen agreed with - “I choose far right too. I can see you in that face. :)”

Well Lisa and Kristen are bang on! The little ‘un on the right is indeed a 3 or 4 year old Al.

I honestly don’t remember the party (or any of the other kids) or whose party it was, but it was the house of one of my Dad’s ex-wives (Chris and Murray’s Mum) so I guess it was Murray, or Chris’. But I would have been around my 4th birthday at the time the piccie was taken so it might have even been mine.

Minette (Chris and Murray’s Mum) was just the sort of person to hold a party for her children’s half-brother. In fact she was kind of a second Mum to me until her death in 2003


Yvonne Osborne said...

Happy Birthday Al! We have been doing this a long time. Tis good to keep up with one of my favorite Aussie bloggers.

Linda G. said...

Happy Birthday X 2!! :)

Old Kitty said...

Awwwwwww that's you!! Awww how adorable!! Happy birthdays!! :-) Take care

Kathleen Jones said...

Happy birthday Al - and the blog! It's been an interesting three years. Here's to the next. Who knows what will happen?

mshatch said...

happy birthday to you and the blog :)

Lisa said...

Happy birthday, Al and Publish or Perish!