Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Two (small) Mysteries Revealed

A quick post tonight because my long days are continuing. I am beginning my new job next Monday, so as you can imagine I have plenty of work to tie up loose ends where I am now.

As I said last post, on Friday night I was in town very late. Well I was asked by a friend for a favour. She was organising a Débutante Ball and needed someone to record the event for her.

Here is a sample of the 1300 (that is right, one thousand three hundred) piccies I took on Friday night.Not the best by any means but I don’t want to use any photos that could identify anyone without their permission.

And another as you can see the young folk were really getting into it (one face blanked out).I also posted this piccie I took on Saturday night and challenged you to guess what it was. Well Rosie C was bang on the money.

Rosie said “It looks like you're capturing a late night city and its lights, but the camera jiggled.”

I was high up on Mount Dandenong on Saturday night. I used a tripod to capture some night shots of southern Melbourne. Shots like these need a long exposure (some as long as 10 seconds) and it got so windy the camera moved several times during the exposure.

One final note, you should check out Rosie’s blog post from Monday, she posted a great review of my book Veiled in Shadows .


Old Kitty said...

A Debutante Ball!! Wow!! Such things still happen??? Double Wow!

Yay for Rosie! Take care

Michelle Teacress said...

I'm with Kittie - I didn't know such things still happened (except in movies). What a neat experience!

Al said...

Hi Jennifer and Michelle,
The 'Deb Ball' is alive and well as an institution in Oz. There were a few left when I was young but they seemed to be dying away. Strangely though the younger generation (in Oz at least) have taken to them with renewed gusto.

Cynthia Chapman Willis said...

I bet that ball was big fun! Love the dresses.
Good luck finishing up with the old job and beginning the new one! Here's hoping you'll have a little more time to yourself.