Thursday, December 16, 2010

Veiled in Shadows Kindle Edition discounted + Words not on Wednesday

First up, following the advice of Christy Pinheiro, I have cut the price of my Kindle Edition of Veiled in Shadows, it’s now $2.99. By the way Christy has also added a review of the book on Amazon. Christine from Inwardly Digesting has posted a review on Good Reads.
Christy has two helpful blogs about self publishing, while Christine runs a lovely blog about writing and life in her patch of northern England.
Thank you both!

I’m going to have to stop calling this regular post ‘Words on Wednesday’ because once again it isn’t Wednesday.
Maybe ‘Tales on Thursday’?

I have been planning to post something more from my family history, but I just haven’t had time to think about writing something down. I am writing on the train every day, but I am jealously guarding that time for my WIP.

Once again I have posted a chapter of Veiled in Shadows (click the tab for Chapter 7 above). For those of you reading along as I post here you will find that Ebi has been making enquiries about what has happened to Katharina.

Another habit I am indulging in is to post a taste from my WIP. Last week I posted a strong passage about Stepan and Ksenia, I have been working on their part of the story all week, but while I know where they are going I’m not happy about posting any of that tonight.

The bit I am posting tonight was originally a piece I had as a provisional prologue. But it won’t fulfil that function now, I think it will make it into the final version but I will have to redraft it.

By the way those few of you who have read Veiled in Shadows may recognise this scene, only from a different perspective.
How’s that for a tease? You really are going to have to buy Veiled in Shadows aren’t you?

Now I have finished the sales pitch for tonight.

I give you David in Veiled in Shadows, my WIP:

Loved Ones: Poland - October 1940
David Schiller
‘David, that engine is smaller than the one you are going on.’
I squatted down next to my little brother Benjamin, anything to divert my attention from Mama's grief, ‘Are you sure?’
His five year old face creased with concentration, ‘Yes, silly,’ he pointed, ‘Yours is longer and it has more wheels.’
Despite my efforts Mama was not to be avoided, ‘David, you make sure you write to us every week, and be careful of those communists.’
Papa intervened, ‘David will write when he can.’
There was an uncomfortable moment, the guard's whistle blew.
Papa wrapped his arms around me and held me tight, releasing me he took my hand and shook it. I was surprised, Papa had never shaken my hand before.
He tried to smile but I could see he was close to tears. ‘Take care of yourself, none of us will be happy until you come home.’
I gave Mama a kiss and a hug. Then I hugged my sister Jena before climbing onto the train. The engine's whistle blew and the train lurched before slowly moving along the platform. ‘David!’
It was Jena, at fifteen she was only three years younger than me. Yet, with her blonde plaits bouncing on her shoulders, as she ran alongside the train, she looked much younger. She came to the end of the platform and stopped her eyes streaming with tears as she shouted after me, ‘David, don't forget me.’
I leant out shouting back to her, ‘How could I ever forget my only sister? I'll write, and I'll be back before you know it.’
I waved until I could no longer see her.
I pulled my head in and sat back, ‘First time away from home?’
The question came from an old lady sitting opposite. I nodded, ‘I am going to Moscow.’


Falen (Sarah Ahiers) said...

i got my copy in the mail two days ago! I was excited. So far all i've read is the prologue, but it hooked me pretty deep.

Anonymous said...

Al, you are probably not going to believe it but I can still see my review on Amazon, but not Christy's. Don't have to be logged in to see it.

Good to read about Jena again! Glad that you are making progress with your writing, while commuting.

Alyssa Goodnight said...

I haven't been by in a little bit, and EVERYTHING has changed! Looks great!! And I liked the passage from your WIP! You've been busy...

Old Kitty said...

The more you teast the more I can't wait for my copy!! I'm absolutely dying to read your book from start to finish!!!

And this extract is lovely. Wow. It's subtle and moving and the characters are strong and memorable. Wow again! Take care

Ann said...

I am looking forward to reading your book. I really enjoyed this excerpt. I can't wait to read more.

Jemi Fraser said...

I just followed the link and bought the book! Hopefully I can get to it over the holidays - life has been crazy chaos here lately! :)

Al said...

Hi Sarah,
I’d forgotten you were holding off until you got the hard copy.

Hi Christine,
What a mystery!
I am pleased you enjoyed the scene featuring Jena.
I am having so much fun with an hour + every work day

Hi Alyssa,
Thanks for popping by. Glad you like the new look.!
Pleased you like my passage!

Hi Jennifer,
Pleased you enjoyed this. You won’t have to wait too much longer.
Pleased you like my characters you will meet them all David’s family in Veiled in Shadows.

Hi Ann,
Does than mean you’re going to rush online and buy it ;-)
I’ll post more soon anyway!

Hi Jemi,
Wow that is exciting!
I hope you enjoy it!