Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Our Weekend

As I said on my last post we were out to dinner with friends on Saturday.
We parked near their flat and caught a tram into town. They took us to a favourite of theirs a Japanese restaurant on Flinders Lane called Hako. Gorgeous sashimi and sushi!
For those of you who have never tried sashimi give it a go. I love seafood of all kinds, Deb on the other hand doesn’t usually like fish, but she loves sashimi.

Anyway after a late night out Deb and I were out and about on Sunday.
We did a bit of exploring, we didn’t see much of great note. However I did stop on this little dirt road to take a couple of piccies. One shows how threatening the sky was.The other feature what I really stopped for. Someone must have been mad keen on practising kicking goals on this farm. This is about the first time I have seen someone with their own nearly full size set of Aussie Rules Footy goals.

I pondered given how overgrown these are how long it is since they were used. I also wondered if someone who was so keen ever went on to play professionally. A kind of country boy done good thing.

Enough for tonight because it has been a really long day!


Falen (Sarah Ahiers) said...

i always wonder the same thing here in MN when i drive past houses that have full ice rinks built in their backyards. I wonder if those boys/girls who played high school hockey continued in college

Carolyn V. said...

A full field? That's pretty cool!

We have tons of skiing here and some have gone professional. It's amazing what people do when they put their minds to it. =)

Old Kitty said...

It's incredible how these goalposts conjures up all sorts of stories!!

Take care

Hart Johnson said...

I wish we didn't live in a landlocked area... I mean we have LAKES all around, but one doesn't eat anything from the great lakes because of the industrial history--ick. But we are too far from an ocean for me to trust any seafood that hasn't been flash frozen and shipped, so no sushi or sashimi--much as I'd like to...

I bet those goals were set up by a hopeful dad who had high aspirations for a son--and now the son is a writer, or some such nonsense *wink*

Hannah Kincade said...

omg, I love sashimi!!! Mmmm, that sounds perfect right now.

Ann said...

I have never had sashimi! I will have to look out for it.

That sky looked frightening. Hope you avoided the threatened storm.

Al said...

Hi Sarah,
Full ice rinks? That is keen!
I guess that is why we are writers, active imaginations!

Hi Carolyn,
It is pretty cool!
It is amazing what we can get up to with some patience and effort.

Hi Jennifer,
It does conjure up some strands from memory and imagination.

Hi Hart,
Hmm, are all the great lakes that polluted? What a shame.

That could certainly be the case. You can just hear the dad muttering ‘useless pansy’

Hi Hannah,
Sashimi is great. I never guessed I’d like raw fish til the first time I tried it. But yummm

Hi Ann,
Tuna sashimi is the nicest I have tasted. If you didn’t know you would never guess it is fish. It has no fish smell and tastes heavenly!
It poured, but not until after we got home.