Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday Swan Watch VI: The Swans Are Back in Town

I had an uber-stressful week at work this past week. So I am pretty tired even at this end of the weekend.
I won’t say any more about that now because I have much cheerier topics to talk about (maybe I'll say more later in the week).

As I said in my last post, my number two daughter Io reported to me that our swans were back in their usual haunt. As soon as I got a chance I went down to have a look for them.

Initially I didn’t see them, but there was an interesting visitor at the pond.
A pelican was passing through.
He/she is a species known as an ‘Australian Pelican’.
They are large and quite spectacular birds.
This one was busy fishing on the pond.
Anyway, after snapping some piccies of the pelican I resumed my hunt for the swan family.

Eventually I found three of them on a lawn not far from the pond.
The two baby cygnets and one of the parents.I couldn’t work out whether it is the cob or the pen with the babies. Usually I tell by the fact that the cob is larger and more aggressive towards interlopers like me, but with one around I’m not quite sure.
The cygnets have grown amazingly in the three or so weeks since I last posted piccies of them.
I would guess they have at least doubled in size, but the babies are still disgustingly cute.
They waddle a few steps across the grass before flopping down and biting off a few blades.
Their necks are beginning to get longer, just hinting at the graceful instruments they will be one day.
Next time I hope to post about what Deb and I have been busy with for the rest of our day.


~Nicole Ducleroir~ said...

OMG Al! Your pics are so crisp and sharp. Do you shoot with a tripod? I'm in awe of your photography skills. The quality of my photos always reflects an unsteady hand :(

I enjoyed these. Beautiful birds, all of them. And you're right, the cygnets are disgustingly cute!

Hope your week is better than last :D

Piedmont Writer said...

I love Sundays at your blog. They take me somewhere else, somewhere fantastic and wonderful. And you're right, they are "disgustingly cute".

Milo James Fowler said...

Great photos, Al. I'm always in awe of Australia's diverse animal life.

Falen (Sarah) said...

yay! Great photos! i love baby birds.

We had a flock of pelicans flying overhead here yesterday. It's a bit of a rare sight in this area

Old Kitty said...

That is one beautiful Pelican. What a beauty!!! How lovely to see one in the wild! The only pelicans I've seen are the ones here in Regent's Park - their wings are clipped - they are much too friendly - but they are magnificent to look at!

So this one is such thrill to see - thank you!

Awwww the swan family are ok!!! Yay!! Oh they're adorable - of course they are! :-) Lovely!

I hope you are slowly de-stressing - just keep looking at the baby swans - awwww!

I look forward to reading about all the good news you are holding out for next week! :-)

Take care

Christine said...

How wonderful to see a pelican in the wild!

I can really see how those cygnets have grown as maybe I missed one of your Swan Watch posts while I was on hols.

Hope that next week is less stressful.

Wendy Ramer said...

Adorable. Though I did glance down at the first picture before my reading caught up, and I was thinking, "That is one ugly swan." :-)

Amanda said...

Oh adorable! I love the babies. Wow, that pelican is huge! Very cool. Can't wait for your good news!

Kristen M. said...

I adore pelicans. They are awkward and graceful at the same time. And I'm loving the baby swan necks too!

Myrna Foster said...

I'm sorry you've had a stressful week. Thanks for taking these photos to share with us. We've had a blue heron in the front yard off and on this week, and I'm hoping to get a picture of him before he moves on. Have a great week!

Theres just life said...

You are right I think they are twice as big. I liked seeing the pictures of the pelican too. I have lived close to the Gulf of Mexico coast most of my life and have seen lots of pelicans but ours don't compare to this guy.
At times the damn near me will be solid white with all the pelicans. You just got to remember to look up and watch out for falling fish. Sometimes their meal makes a jump for it.

Claudia said...

Glad to see the swan family is back. As for the visitor, I think it's beautiful. I love pelicans. They're amazing birds.

Al said...

Hi Nicole,
Thank you for the praise, you’ll make my head swell :-)
I shoot some piccies with a tripod (like the waterfall ones where I want a long exposure). Most of my photos are shot without a ‘pod. I use an SLR so the camera is braced against my face and my arms against my chest. Then I use as fast an exposure as the light will allow (and hold my breath).
They are lovely birds and cute too.
So far the week is shaping up better than the last.

HI Anne,
I’m pleased to help transport you somewhere else, it is my pleasure.

Hi Milo,
Thank you, I am pretty much in awe of our wildlife, and I live here.

Hi Sarah,
Thank you! I love birds full stop, and babies just add that “cute factor”. What a treat to see a flock of pelicans in flight. Pelicans are common around the coast here, and you see them quit often on larger rivers and lakes inland. Though they don’t often hang around little ponds like these.

Hi Jennifer,
As I said above these pelicans are fairly common. I am always amazed by how a pelican can be both ungainly and graceful at the same time.
It is a treat to see wild pelicans, but I guess the Regent’s Park birds are worth a look. I am only too pleased to share.
The stress levels are lower this week, and yes the baby swan’s awwww producing reflex definitely helps.

Hi Christine,
It isn’t uncommon to see them, but it is a real pleasure nonetheless.
I didn’t post piccies of the swans for a couple of weeks because I couldn’t find them. I enjoyed the piccies of your hols over at your blog.

Hi Wendy
Adorable is the word! That would indeed be an ugly swan! Hmm, maybe we should do a rewrite of Hans Christian Andersen :-)

Hi Amanda,
Adorable for sure! These pelicans are big birds, the stand about four feet high on land.

Hi Kristen,
Awkward and graceful at the same time, well put! Those necks are just stretching and stretching.

Hi Myrna,
Thank you! You are absolutely welcome. I’m pleased people enjoy my piccies but I’d post them anyway – it’s just so much fun :-)
A blue heron? I’d love to see a piccie of him.

Hi Pamela Jo,
Birds grow sooo quickly. Would the ones in the gulf be Brown Pelicans?
A new take on flying fish huh?

Hi Claudia,
It is good to see them back. Amazing is the word!