Friday, September 3, 2010


Once again it is longer than I would have liked between posts.

I mentioned that Deb and I drove across to Gippsland (the eastern section of Victoria).
Well one of Deb’s colleagues owns a holiday house at Cape Paterson and she kindly lent it to us for the weekend.

As you can see the road out front is very wet, it rained for much of our trip down. We have had a really wet winter, with rain more often than not. We were worried that it would rain the whole weekend, but it cleared up soon after we got there.

The house is right across the road from the beach. After we got the car unpacked we went for a stroll along the beach in the evening light.

I loved the waves breaking over these rocks.As we walked further along the beach I took photos back towards the East

The waves have carved this rock full of holes and basins. These couple of piccies feature the rocks and in the distance Cape Liptrap.At the tip of Cape Patterson is a reef that extends out into Bass Strait. Bass Straight lies between the Aussie Mainland and Tasmania.

We happily strolled across the rocks of the reef. The light was painting the rocks gorgeous colours.About now we had a near disaster. They didn’t look it, but many of these rocks were treacherously slippery.

As Deb stepped from one rock to another her foot skidded and she fell straight down onto the rocks on her front.

I raced across to where she was lying; it was a terrifying experience. I had thoughts of Deb suffering concussion and broken bones.

Fortunately, things weren’t as bad as they might have been.
She slightly grazed her chin and hands. Her worst injury was to her shoulders. She jarred both as she threw her hands out to stop her face smacking into the stone. Poor Deb has been stiff and sore all week.

Not surprisingly that put an end to our walk. We went straight back to the house where I lit a roaring fire and made Deb a hot drink. Once we got warm Deb felt a bit less sore and sorry and we had a evening watching movies and planning our next day.


Old Kitty said...

Oh no!!!!!!!! Poor Deb!! Oh my goodness what a frightening experience! I'm so glad she's ok!! Please be careful and take care!

Thanks for sharing these pics - my goodness what a truly wonderful and unspoilt beach - look at it!! It's wild and full of atmosphere! I'm so glad the weather held off.


Ann said...

The photos were so idyllic I was getting so wrapped up in their beauty and then OMG! I hope Deb is feeling better and none the worse for wear.

Carolyn V. said...

Oh! I am so glad Deb didn't get hurt worse, but sorry that she fell. I hope she is doing better!

Myrna Foster said...

I hope Deb has recovered. You had me nervous for a bit there.

I love how the water has carved and smoothed the rocks - beautiful.

Amanda said...

Beautiful photos but poor Deb! I hope she is doing ok. That sounds like something I would do. I just got a huge rug burn and bruise after trying to run and jump over my dog and he moved. Yeah, I'm a bit of a klutz.

Lisa said...

What a dreadful way to start a holiday! Hope Deb is feeling better.

Theres just life said...

Poor Deb. I hope she is feeling better the older we get the longer it takes to get over them. Toddlers seem to brush them off in seconds, me it takes a LOT longer. It also takes a hot bath and advil.
The pictures are great. I love the one of the rock with the holes and basins.

Jemi Fraser said...

Poor Deb - hope she's feeling better soon!

Water is so powerful and creates such beauty - but it can be treacherous as well :)

Sharon K. Mayhew said...

Oh dear, I'm glad that Deb wasn't seriously hurt. My dad slipped on some wet rocks and bashed up his ankle.

Wonderful photos! I love the one that looks like a pool cut out of the rock.

Kyna said...

Ouch! I'm glad she's ok! :(

You did take some beautiful photos, though. One of my garden blog friends lives in Gippsland. I so love the place names in Australia...'Cape Liptrap' :D

Kathleen Jones said...

Poor Deb! I hope she's feeling better. The pics of the scenery are beautiful Al - it looks so peaceful. Sorry that Deb isn't getting to enjoy the holiday as she should.

Theres just life said...

Al I have a little something for you over at my blog.

Al said...

First of all thank al of you for expressing your concern over Deb’s fall.
She is all but better now, thank you all again.

Hi Jenifer,
We were lucky with the weather.
And we Aussies are so lucky with our coastline so many miles of unspoilt and frequently deserted beaches.

Hi Ann,
Sorry to spoil the idyll, but fortunately Deb is OK.

Hi Carolyn,
She is Ok, thanks!

Hi Myrna,
She is fine now.
Water worn rocks are gorgeous aren’t they ?

Hi Amanda,
Ouch, carpet burns hurt! Are you left handed? Deb is just a bit of a klutz too and she is a lefty.

Hi Lisa,
She is Ok now, thanks!

Hi Pamela Jo,
Unfortunately you are right about how hard it is to fall as you get older .
Pleased you like my piccies!

Hi Jemi,
She’s OK!
It can be treacherous, that is for sure!

Hi Sharon,
Deb is fine now, thank you.
I love that piccie too.

Hi Kyna,
I’m relieved Deb is Ok too.
Aussie place names are great aren’t they? I keep intend posting about some but never quite get to it.

Hi Kathleen,
She enjoyed it anyway, and she is much better now.
What a relief that you and yours came through the earthquake in one piece.

Hi Pamela Jo,
Thank you I’ll be over to look!

Hannah Kincade said...

I hope Deb is feeling better. That just sucks!

Great pictures though.

Al said...

Hi Hannah,
It did suck. She is all better now though.