Sunday, October 27, 2013

Fishing and High Drama

This week three people had a stab at WIIW.
There were a couple that were close-ish
Linda G guessed: “Hmm. My first thought was a shadow. But it could also be some sort of niche cut into a ... I don't know, maybe a stone wall?”
Your first guess is pretty close, it is a silhouette rather than a shadow so I guess that earns 80%.
John guessed: “A musical instrument”
It isn’t, but that is a creative guess I could see the gold as a finish on a guitar or some other wooden instrument.
Marcy was with Linda on the shadow: “it looks like the shadow of a cross. On what surface I'm not sure...”
As I said above it is a silhouette, and it isn’t exactly a cross, but it is a cross-beam, so I guess you hit 95%!
So what is the mystery object?
Well last weekend Deb and I headed down to Yamba to spend a couple of nights on the coast with our girls. Did I mention that our baby Lu has heard the call of the beach and has moved in with the other two for the next couple of months?
Anyway her plan is to spend the summer break with the girls and then take up her studies again but enrolling in Brisbane, which is an awful lot closer to the rest of us than Melbourne.
Lu is a mad keen fisher-person so we decided to spend Saturday evening having a BBQ on the bank of the Clarence River and casting a line in.
So the mystery image is part of a fishing platform. The two fishing people silhouetted by the evening light are Deb and Lu. We only caught a few Flatheads, which are beautiful eating fish, but they were undersize so we threw them back.
There was a moment of “high drama” when this honey-eater got carried away by E’s (E is our eldest) bright flower print dress and tangled itself in her hair trying to get at what it thought were the best flowers around!
As the sun continued to set a shower came across from the ocean creating a rainbow.
 As the sun set it turned the sky and river gold
We stayed until well after dark with the play of the light changing on the river
and then gradually fading away…


mshatch said...

wow, gorgeous sky and gorgeous pics :0

Lisa said...

Great piccies! Good lord, I had no idea what the pic was this week; you really were a sneaky one this time.

Yvonne Osborne said...

Beautiful. A match for anything we have on this side of the world. Look at the beak on that bird!!! So cool. Thanks.

Lexa Cain said...

Thank you for your good wishes about my cover reveal on Marcy's blog! (Am I dreadful that I laughed about "E" and the bird drama? I certainly hope she's must have been quite an experience!)