Tuesday, October 15, 2013

First Fire, then Water and a WIIW

Well only one person guessed WIIW last week.

Marcy guessed: "looks like dirt stairs to me.
Or is it roots that look like stairs?"

Right first time! 100%

I cut these rough stairs in the creek bank way down our hill.
Well usually we rely on a spring higher up one of our hills to gravity-feed water to our little house.
But all the dry weather we have had has not only led to an early fire season, but it has also dried our spring up.
So Deb and I  had to begin pumping from the main creek for our domestic water. The pipe up from the creek has been there for forty odd years, but has not been used for many years. This area is a high rainfall area but we seem to be heading into drought.
So I had to get a pump down there. Over most of the 400 metres (1/4 mile) and 50 metres (170 ft) vertically I can take the pump in a 4x4 vehicle, but the last section I have to hump it.
And while that bank is not too steep to climb unladen, I was not going to try it with a heavy pump.
So out came the pick an shovel to cut temporary stairs...

And by the end of the day I had the pump in place. Our 6,000 gallon tank is again full and should last for a few weeks. As a bonus the pump will double as a fire pump should the dry weather bring the fires back.

Now as it is Wednesday
What on Earth do you think this might be?


mshatch said...

Yay me, I guessed right! As for your new WIW, I think it may be the splash of a large mammal like a whale or dolphin.

Linda G. said...

This week's WIIW is easy-peasy: water.


Lisa said...

Gracious, how in the world did you learn how to do all of these things? For a guy from the city, you've become remarkably self-sufficient in the wild!

Whale tail hitting the water?