Sunday, June 2, 2013

Internet woes and WIIW

Well our internet service has been down for the past few days.
Our only contact with the WWW has been through our mobile phones.
And mobile coverage is not great out here which means mobile broadband without an external antenna is not fun.
Connection is supposed to be back to normal tomorrow, but I have heard that before.
So down to last week’s WIIW

Once again Al has a win! (not that I am keeping score or anything).
No one was close…

Linda G guessed: “My first thought it that it's the skin of some animal. As to which clue.”
It is alive, but it is not skin…

Kirsten said: “Swan feathers?”
It would be the right colour, except in Oz swans look like this fellow…

While Susan guessed: “A close-up of some genuine faux leather?”
It is a close up but this is not faux anything.

So what is this mysterious object?
A trigger plant flower!


mshatch said...

That was a tricky one!

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

Sneaky. Very very sneaky.