Friday, June 7, 2013

A Star is Born?

Well once again no one was very close with this week’s WIIW. 

I honestly thought it was an easy one given the subject matter…
I guess I am just getting too tricky.

Linda G guessed “It's obviously the corner of a recliner upholstered in fake fur. (Hey, I say if you're going to be wrong, do it big!)”

Well in an odd way you are the closest, it is fur! Although definitely not faux!

I guess that earns 20% for the “fur” AND 30% bonus points for being so outrageous, so a total of 50%.

Susan was her usual indomitable self with this statement: “Well then, you suspect WRONG, big boy! Doesn't look easy to ME anyway. Looks like the back of somebody's head. But I like Linda's answer better.”

I guess I just can’t help myself :-) I have to say I like Linda’s answer better too :-)

Kirsten said: “Can I guess swan again?”

Of course you can…
It is the right colour, but as you will see while it is alive it is in a very different genus.

Marcy said “Obviously it's a close up of your finger - or what Linda said :)”

Nope, but I wish Linda’s answer was true!

So here is the answer: Lilli when she was a 7 week old puppy.

Wasn't she cute?

I thought the clue was easy because it looked like fur to me and Lilli has starred in my WIIW several times before.

Of course now she looks more like this,
 she loves that ball


Old Kitty said...

Lilli is gorgeous!! Take care

Linda G. said...

Awww. Lilli was so cute! And now she's beautiful. :)

mshatch said...

she was adorable! I remember when my (yellow) lab was a puppy. He was so round and fat!