Thursday, January 10, 2013


On the bushfire front: conditions are cooler at the moment but in NSW  in particular many fires are still burning. The fire fighters are hoping to get on top of them soon because the heatwave conditions are projected to return over the weekend.

Now to WIIW -
I said this was an easy peasy WIIW.

Marcy said: “I think it's a lighthouse.”

Yvonne agreed: “It looks like the edge of a lighthouse to me.”

Linda was the only person who thought she would not go with the crowd: “Definitely looks like bricks. My first thought was a lighthouse, too, but since that's been guessed I'm going to go with some sort of chimney stack.”
Normally picking something else is a safer bet.
But this week…

Christine said: “I'm late to the WIIW party. I think it's a lighthouse too. I'm almost certain I remember a lighthouse pic in a previous post.”
In fact I have posted a number of lighthouses previously

Finally Susan went with the team “No originality here. It looks like the side of a lighthouse to me, too.

Well most of you are 100% right it is a light house.

This is the Low Head Lighthouse, which stands at the mouth of the Tamar River in Tassie.


mshatch said...

yay we got it right!

Linda G. said...

Darn. You tricked me by not being as tricky as usual. Well played. *grin*

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

YAY! Happy New Year to us! (You, too... and thanks for easing us into the year with an easy one.)

Christine said...

Didn't we do well!