Thursday, January 17, 2013

Al is going to have to get trickier

Well people were in the right kind of area for this piccie:

(I guess the water gave it away)
Old Kitty said...     “A handlebar from a boat!?”

It is boat related, but it isn’t on a boat. 50%

Linda G. said... “I think that might be part of a huge steering wheel for a boat.”

Nope (see above) 50%

Marcy said … “I think that is metal painted white, beginning to rust, maybe a metal railing but on land”
It is metal, white, beginning to rust and on land but it isn’t a railing. 50%

Christine said...
“As to WIIW, I'm stumped. I'm thinking that it could be a steering wheel on a boat. But what is Al up to on a rusty boat, I wonder and where was he on said vessel to be able to take the pic? The stretch of water has the look of an inlet or sound so the metal could be a railing on land or a pier. Do you have piers in Oz? Sorry for blathering on...”

Well I am not quite sure how to answer that Christine, it is on land or strictly on a jetty. We tend to use the word jetty in Oz. Piers like the Brighton Pier etc are well and truly extinct on Oz. We only tend to have the more functional kind left. I guess all that hard work (or blather) deserves 60%.

Which brings us to the person who has hit the answer on the head:
Susan said... “maybe part of a frame for hanging a dinghy beside a pier?”

Well that is worth 100%

The piccie is of a davit for launching a row boat.

This piccie was taken at the Low Head Pilot Station at the mouth of the Tamar river in Tassie.

 Originally the pilots rowed out to incoming ships.

The pilot station is still functional but the pilots go out to the ships on somewhat more substantial vessels these days.


Christine said...

Oh no, a return to cruel Al, next week! :-0

I like the piccie of the pilot station with the view between the buildings to the Tamar and far shore.

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

Woo HOO! But alas, I must admit, my husband is the one who identified it.

mshatch said...

yeah, that's what I meant :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, I used to swim and snorkel at that beach in the 70's and 80's.
When the tide was in we children liked to swing on the davit, sometimes when it was out. Oh, btw, the davit in this picture is missing quite a few pieces and a rope. The pontoon and large breakwater for the pilot boat weren't built til the 80's, before then the Pilot, Coxwain, Engine Driver and Deckhand had to reach the pilot boat moored offshore, sometimes in fierce weather, so the davit was necessary.
Where am I? I don't really know, I was just searching for images and I liked these ones, and the page. Best to all!