Monday, January 16, 2012

By Public Demand

More Piccies of the Twelve Apostles.
Not strictly one of the Apostles, this is one of the popular viewing points. The people on the top give you an idea of the scale of these cliffs.
In the old days the Twelve Apostles were called “the Sow and Piglets”
Then some marketing genius suggested a rename.

After the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge these are probably the third most photographed scenery in Oz (Uluru – Ayers Rock is probably no. 4)

The Apostles lie on the Great Ocean Road only three or four hours drive from Melbourne (depending which way you go) and as you can see very beautiful.

I hate them because they are so busy (by Oz standards).

But I love them because they are so beautiful.

These next three photos show part of why I like them so much.Every five minutes they change colour

Two of them mid afternoon on a sunny day. (I took this Sunday past in a gap in the storms).

This one was taken about five minutes after the one I posted the other day (just before sunset last Saturday).

And this one was taken about 15 minutes later.

Stone, sunlight, wind and cloud all combining to create visual poetry.

By the way I don't think the Apostles are the most stunning part of the coast.

More of the coast next time.


Old Kitty said...

They look pretty stunning to me! And I think they should revert to their real name of Sow and Piglets cos what's cuter than baby piglets and mama pig!?!? Apart from kittens and mama kitty?!? LOL!

Aww they're gorgeous! Take care

Linda G. said...

So gorgeous! I'm jealous of your scenery down under.

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

Visual poetry ... what a perfect way to express your pictures of such a beautiful subject.

Carolyn V said...

Wow. They are amazing. I love the color changes. Just breath taking.