Monday, November 7, 2011

Wonderful Waterfalls

As you may have already gathered in our little vote Aboriginal Rock-art took the vote with five votes.

Waterfalls came second with four votes. So without further ado I begin with the Mackenzie Falls on the Mackenzie River.
The Mackenzie falls are in the heart of the Grampians and I think really beautiful.
I climbed down the stairs you see on the left to get a shot from the base of the falls.

This part of the Grampians is well and truly on the tourist trail, but we arrived late on a Saturday as it was getting dark and threatening to rain.

So we pretty much had the falls to ourselves.
Climbing back up the falls I paused to catch this shot of water cascading over these shelves on the way to the top of the falls.Another climb and I paused to get this shot of a native violet (probably Viola hederacea) in the half light.The clouds lightened a little so just as the sun set I quick marched about another quarter mile upstream to catch the Broken Falls (also on the Mackenzie River).Two days later it was time to leave the Grampians, but before we did we took an 128 km (80 miles) detour to the Wannon River.

On the Wannon are two more well known falls in the Grampians Region. I didn’t know how soon we’d be back so an extra side journey was not going to stop this waterfall nut when we were so close.

The first falls on the Wannon were the Nigretta Falls, which drop into a popular swimming hole near the town of Hamilton.Back in the car for another short drive this time. This time to the Wannon Falls. I really struggled getting a decent shot because the setting sun was shining into the camera lens.
A wait of half an hour and the sun went behind a cloud long enough to get this.
Then our Grampians break was over and it was back in the car for the four and a half hour drive home (we got home just befor midnight).
But I haven’t finished with the Grampians because next post is Grampians’ Wildflowers.


Claudia Del Balso said...

I love waterfalls and these are no exception. Nice you could hike and see them really close. Thanks for sharing these beautiful pics :)

Old Kitty said...

Oh look at that little flower! How pretty and delicate against such a magnificent powerful background! The Grampian waters are wonderful!! Wonderful!!! Thanks for sharing! Take care

Kathleen Jones said...

Lovely! How high are they? It's difficult to estimate in a photo.

Anne Gallagher said...

These are soooo beautiful. You're so lucky to be able to drive there and see them. And I'm so lucky that you take pictures.

February Grace said...

Absolutely breathtaking- we are so fortunate that you share your artistry with us.

Thank you for making me appreciate my eye surgeons all over again!


Susan Flett Swiderski said...

Marvelous pictures. I can almost hear the roar of those falls, and would like to swim in that pool. Thanks for sharing.

Kit Courteney said...


Carolyn V said...

Wow, the falls are amazing! And to have some of the falls to yourself is awesome.

Susan Fields said...

What beautiful photos! I love waterfalls, but I only get to enjoy them on vacations or in pictures.

Michelle Teacress said...

Simply beautiful. :)

Al said...

Hi Claudia
I not only love waterfalls, I am obsessed with waterfalls.

You are most welcome!

Hi Jennifer,
It is very sweet isn’t it?
I am pleased you like them!

Hi Kathleen,
I’d guess the Mackenzie falls are about 30 metres, I have read the Wannon Falls are 30, The Nigretta falls would be about 18 -20 metres. The broken falls 10-15 but I didn’t get close so I wouldn’t be confident.

Hi Anne,
They are aren’t they!
I am lucky that is for sure. Pleased you enjoy!

Hi Bru,
Thank you so much for you kind words. Enjoy!

Hi Susan,
Thank you. It was warm enough the day I was there too. But I guess the water was still cold!

Hi Kit,
I agree!

Hi Carolyn,
They are lovely. Luckily in Oz you often have things to yourself. We have a lot of space and not many people!

Hi Susan,
Well at least you get to see them occasionally! Enjoy the piccies!

Hi Michelle,
Thank you!