Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A long time coming.

Both aspects of my post tonight took a while to arrive.

First as I promised a waterfall. In fact it is the same waterfall as I posted last time.

This is the Hopetoun Falls in the Otway ranges west of Melbourne.No Spelling error by the way, it is Hopetoun Falls with a U.

I took these shots about a month ago and haven’t got round to posting them ‘til now.

The river downstreamAnd a closer shot of the falls.Now the slowest delivery from Amazon I have ever experienced!

A while ago I ordered a copy of a blogosphere friend’s book.

To be exact I ordered a copy of Wendy Robertson’s The Romancer.Wendy is a British author who has literarily dozens of books to her name. The Romancer is about her life as a writer.

So just after Christmas last year I put in an order with Amazon. And waited…
And waited…
No book arrived.

I checked my credit card statement, no debit.

Ah, well I thought I’ll organize it another time.

Then just the other day Deb asked “Did you buy anything on Amazon?”
“Not that I remember.”
There was an item on the statement from Amazon. I kind of remembered ordering something for my Mum so I forgot it.

Wendy’s book turned up today!

And here is the delivery slip showing my order made 29 December 2010!
Now you have to excuse me I have some reading to do!


Linda G. said...

Wow! That IS a long delivery time. Happy reading.:)

Oh, and lovely waterfall pics, as usual.

Old Kitty said...

Oooh that very late delivery from Amazon must be a record or something! Oh dear!! Awww but better late than never! Yay!

Yay for Hopetoun falls!

Take care

Susan Fields said...

That waterfall is breathtaking!

And enjoy your reading!

Kit Courteney said...

Bad Amazon. Naughty Amazon.

I hope it's worth the wait!

Fab pics yet again :)

Alyssa Ast said...

Love the picture but boo for Amazon. I've never had any trouble with delivery with Amazon, must be a fluke occurrence.

Alyssa Ast

Clarissa Draper said...

Beautiful waterfall!

Also, that is a long time to wait for a book! One reason I like my kindle is that I can get my books immediately. I'm so impatient.

Vicki Rocho said...

You take the most beautiful pictures. Love that waterfall and I want to wiggle my toes in the water.

Was the book back ordered or the publication date pushed back? I can't imagine why it would take ten months for a book to get shipped. Glad it finally turned up though!

February Grace said...

so beautiful, the sight moves me to tears.

i hope and wish that someday, i'll get the chance to see all the things in and around melbourne i missed, during my all-too brief stay there last summer.

thank you for giving us such sights to dream about.


Hart Johnson said...

Man, at that rate, you'd think they shipped it from Canada! (I'm convinced Canada uses Mountees on horses to deliver mail and horses would be slow swimming the Pacific)

Love those water fall pics--gorgeous!

mshatch said...

I love your waterfall pics.

John Gray said...

you can tell just why that australia and new zealand is often the back drop for prehistoric films...
the flora is so...... well... different!