Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Killers in the Cemetery

Back to Queenstown Cemetery tonight. I couldn’t leave it at the few flowers I posted.

Tonight a few more of the flowers. The only one I can confidently name is this Showy Parrot-Pea (Dillwynia sericea)

I photographed dozens of flowers and in this small area (probably only an acre) there were probably dozens more species.

I quite simply ran out of time.

At a glance these two look to be the same species.But if you look closely the stigma and anthers seem quite different. I would guess a botanist would say they are two varieties.

This one was one of my favorites. I “know” this flower I am sure. I have been racking my brain and just can’t recall it. More research is called for.

The only trouble is there are literally thousands of Oz flowers many only known by their scientific names.

These tiny flowers were lurking down among the grasses, to give an idea of the size each petal is about the size of a rice grainSpeaking of lurking.

Nestling down in the grasses across this site are dozens of killers.

There’s one A bit closerAnd a real close upThese fascinating little plants are Sundews
Sundews are carnivorous plants. The glistening droplets are a sticky trap. Small insects that land on them get stuck then the tendrils fold in like a sea-anemone trapping the victim which is then slowly digested.

This final piccie is one I shot a few years ago (with my old camera) if you look closely you’ll sea this little plant is busy eating a number of ants.NEXT: I rabbit on about my writing


Anne Gallagher said...

Love the Showy Parrot-Pea. Gorgeous color. The other ones all look like their some species of Narcisist. (Narcism? Narcisi?) Anyway, we have those here.

Have you ever tried to stick your finger into one of those carnivorous plants to see if it would eat you? Just wondering.

Linda G. said...

Fascinating as well as beautiful!

Old Kitty said...

Oh wow. How lovely to see such a variety of amazing sublime life in a cemetary!!! Brilliant!! Love these carnivorous plants - such deadly beauties!!!

Take care

Carolyn V said...

Okay, that plant is so cool. I'm always amazed at nature.

Ann said...

Such Beautiful flowers. I wonder if they had been planted those grieving and re-seeded there. That sticky plant conjures up old horror movies!

Kathleen Jones said...

Beautiful flower photos, Al. Oz has such a wonderful variety of flora.

John Gray said...

There is something quite magical about flowers in an old churchyard.

soothing and restful.....
nicely taken too!

Hart Johnson said...

Oh, those parrot-peas are fabulous! I have sweet peas but they are just a pale pink. it is a pretty shape (and smell) though.

I love the carnivorous one, too--we don't have those here, so they fascinate me.

(all of them are great pics!)

Shrinky said...

What a fabulous place for wild-flowers, your photography is wonderful. It makes me nostalgic for an abandoned, overgrown graveyard buried deep within Putney common, where I used to pass through on my daily dog-walk, in London. It's over ten years since I've been there.

Rebecca E. said...

As always Al, you've come up with some amazing photos. Cool plants!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos. I love the sundews. I once had a pet Venus flytrap. Sadly it died. :(