Monday, September 26, 2011

A sampler. And a strange coincidence

Deb and I were away for the weekend. We have returned home to find our internet service reconnected. Phew!

In my last serious post I asked which you would prefer I posted about:

A: More waterfalls
B: Some majestic trees
C: Sunlight through clouds?

Most of you replied D: all of the above.

I suppose I deserve everything I got.
Well I guess I am going to make you wait for more (at least until later in this post).

On Friday, I had an odd moment with my WIP.
As regulars know I work on my writing on the train during my commute.

I realized that the section I was redrafting was set exactly 70 years in the past!

It might not seem so odd to you, but my character (a young Russian woman) was facing a life and death situation in September 1941 as I wrote about her in September 2011.

It was the strangest feeling. I drafted this section well over a year ago and quite by chance I worked on a redraft 70 years after the event.

Has anything odd like that happened in your writing?

Now to my little poll. Because I am very nice I am going to give you a bit of ‘all off the above’.
Photo A: is of the Erskine Falls in the Otway ranges.

Here is a second from the base of the fallsPhoto B.
The stairs back up from the fallsAnd taken yesterday, a tree somewhere else in the Otway ranges (I might say more about that in another post)

Photo C: Port Phillip Bay just before sunset last weekendAnd a second from a different viewpoint about five minutes later.Where do I go next?


Anne Gallagher said...

I think you should go to the beach. OR is that too far away?

Old Kitty said...

Somewhere where there are lots of cute birds and marsupials! :-)

Take care

Linda G. said...

Thanks for all the "D"!

How about some more animal life?

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

What's not to love about a beautiful sunrise or sunset? Your pics of the animal and plant life there are always enjoyable, too. And unique to your part of the world, so you're showing us something we don't ordinarily get to see.

Carolyn V said...

You are so lucky to live where there is so much beauty!

I think you could go anywhere and it would be spectacular!

Michelle Teacress said...

Oh, I would love to take the stairs in photo B. Beautiful. :)