Saturday, September 17, 2011

Not a Proper post

I had high hopes of posting about the waterfalls I captured last week.

However we have arrived home to find the whole area suffering from a power blackout.

I have posted this from my netbook using my mobile phone to connect to the internet.

That means no photos that I haven't already uploaded. Also it is surprisingly hard to type in the dark.

So In consolotion I offer a couple of piccies I have posted over the past few months.

The first is part of the Taggerty Cascades.

and the second the Toorongo Falls.

So on that note goodnight!


Linda G. said...

Absolutely lovely!

Hope you get your power back soon.

Anne Gallagher said...

Funny how both pictures are also "dark". Metaphorical?

mshatch said...

beautiful waterfalls. Hope your lights come back soon.

Old Kitty said...

Hope your power is back on!!! Oh dear!! Awww but these pics are DELICIOUS!! Yay!! Take care

February Grace said...

Absolutely breathtaking- made me cry, Al, seriously. Gorgeous.

Thank you so much for these.


WritingNut said...

Absolutely beautiful! :) I hope your power has returned.

Al said...

Hi Linda,
Thank you!

Hi Anne,
Maybe, just maybe!

Hi mshatch,
Thank you, they came on about two hours later

Hi Jennifer,
It did, eventually. Thank you!

Hi Bru,
You always make me feel very humble.
Thank you.

Hi Writing,
Thank you!

Wendy R said...

Comment Two
I am loving the whole design of your blog. Elegant. You have a great eye. w