Thursday, July 14, 2011


I posted about snowfalls in the mountains around Melbourne on Saturday.

I’ve mentioned my new job before, my new office is on the 12th floor of a downtown skyscraper. Well yesterday the snow was a bit closer to home. I happened to glance up from my desk to see heavy snow falling past my window.

Now it snows in the higher hills around Melbourne every winter, but it basically never snows in the city which is essentially at sea level. So I was really surprised to see snow falling downtown.

I got up from the desk and looked out the window. I saw something I have only seen in the mountains before. Snow falling past me and turning into rain below. I had forgotten I was a third of the way up a man made mountain! So if I grumble about the cold please forgive me. This Aussie thinks it is a miserable winter.

On a less gloomy note, we have begun walking Lilli. We aren’t really trying to train her to walk to heel yet. But we are going to have to. As you can see from this pic of Lu setting off with her on Sunday she is getting to be a big puppy. She’s only twelve weeks old and already weighs 10.1kg (22.27 lbs). The vet she saw today for immunisation and micro-chipping says she is going to be a big girl.

On our walk we spotted some galahs feeding on a lawn (yes I do take my camera almost everywhere). These pink parrots are really common in much of Oz.As I snapped away two more swept in to land.Then after walking only a few blocks it was time to head for home because puppies get tired quickly.


Linda G. said...

Your snow story is cool! (Er, so to speak...)

Love the parrot pics, and Lilli is still adorable!

Old Kitty said...

Snow. Wow. It must be cold where you are!! Awwwww!

But look at lovely Lilli!! She's adorable!!! Yay - she's just perfect and pretty!!

Awww those pink parrots! PINK!! Yay!!! love em already!! Wrap up warm and take care, hope the job is going well!! x

John Going Gently said...

yeap black labs untrained are a nightmare when older!
they are built like brick shit houses and can pull a lorry when on the lead......
good to sorting her early!

LTM said...

those are the most amazing birds! And yes! It's mid-winter for you, while it's mid-summer here. Craziness.

SUPER-CONGRATS on the new job!!! That must've happened during my hiatus. So glad to hear it~ :o) <3

Lisa said...

I'm always forgetting that your seasons are the opposite of ours. So strange to read about snow while we're bracing for 7 days in a row with temps in the mid 90's. Cool to watch the snow fall and turn to rain!

Al said...

Hi Linda,
Yes very cool (pun intended i presume).
I love Galahs too. And Lilli is a joy.

Hi Jennifer,
They are pink as they come!
I agree about Lilli but I am biased.

Hi John,
Labs black, gold or chocolate are quite capable of pulling a lorry or for thast matter a brick shithouse down! Training is vital with any dog, but esp a medium to large one!

Hi Leigh,
We are certainly spoiled when it come to parrots!
I am used to the season thing we kind of get it as a concept from child hood because of the whole Xmas in winter thing that we get from the northern hemisphere. Of course Xmas is usually a heatwave down here!

Hi Lisa,
temps in the mid 90s sounds real good right now!
The snow was cool, I have seen the same thing in the mountains where snow was falling into a lower valley.

The Words Crafter said...

Hey, congrats on the job!!!!! I miss a lot being away from blogger....

Love the photos and I envy you the cold weather :)

Take care and enjoy the weekend!

Amanda said...

She is going to be a big girl! Good job on the training to heel! My pup is 130 pounds and I know the benefit of training early.

Al said...

Hi Words,
Thank you!

Hi Amanda,
130 pounds? About 60Kg
That is a big dog! Heavier than you maybe?