Saturday, July 9, 2011

Tea or Coffee Anyone?

First of all an apology. I have not responded to all your wonderful comments on my last few posts. As you know I have just started a new job which is very different from my previous one. So I have been working hard and long hours to get on top of the new role as quickly as possible.

Apart from anything else every conversation in the new workplace seems to be filled with acronyms I just don’t know! The Victorian Public Service seems to have a language all of its own! The good part is I seem to have fallen on my feet in terms of having a great team to work with.

Down to the business of today - as you can guess by the time we got to the weekend I was ready for a change of pace. Deb and I hopped in the car and drove to one of our favourite places.

I have posted about Mount Donna Buang before, but here we go again. As you know it is winter down this way and this past week we have had miserable and cold weather.

It isn’t too bad down in Melbourne but in the mountains around there has been snow.
In fact the Oz Alps are reporting a bumper ski season.

Mount Donna Buang usually has snow cover at the peak for much of winter and although there isn’t skiing there it is quite popular because it is so close to Melbourne. Any way as I said Deb and I shot up there today. By the way, a lot of these piccies benefit from clicking on to expand them.

When we reached the peak it was cold and misty.This tower was built for spotting fires in bushfire season. A bit redundant today!
I had a look in one of the shelters - there was a warming fire that someone had lit in the BBQ.People have been busy building snow men and snow sculptures. I thought this teapot was clever.
It was complete with cups.
I went traipsing around looking for objects to turn my camera on. I loved this boulder standing clear of the snow.After a while we were cold and miserable (I wonder why?).

So we jumped back in the car and drove the 4,000 odd feet back to the valley floor. Perhaps the teapot had given us ideas. Because we stopped at one our favourite eateries.

Wild Thyme Café is in the village of Warburton. It has great meals and good coffee.

But the thing they absolutely do best is cakes and pastries. The owner bakes the most amazing cakes you can imagine.

I had the baked continental cheesecake. It looked so yum I couldn’t help myself and took a spoonful before I remembered to take a piccie!

Deb had the lemon meringue pie. I am not normally big on sweets but the ones at Wild Thyme are as good as anything I have tasted anywhere in the world!

One last piccie. We sat in the front room of the café. I noticed a whole collage of reflections on the window. Nearly everything in this piccie is a reflection or a reflection of a reflection. The two legs in the foreground are actually just outside, as is the bicycle rickshaw. I have no idea where it originally came from, but the rickshaw is always parked out the front when they are open. Wild Thyme is that kind of place.
The blue car is actually further up the street and going the other way. The sunny park is about 100 metres down the road to the right.
The man sitting with his face to the picture is Alan, the owner of the café. He is not outside this window but at a table to the right on the footpath. It’s illegal to smoke in restaurants in Victoria so they have a table outside for those who have to smoke while they eat.


Caledonia Lass said...

Excellent pictures! I completely understand about the hiatus after gaining new and different employment. I had taken a break myself most of last year and this year as well. Good to see you back though!

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

Lovely pictures, as always. The last one, with the reflections, is particularly interesting. (And I believe I may have gained a pound by just looking at that lemon meringue pie.)

mshatch said...

love your pics, esp, the tea cups (how clever!) and the last one, which is very interesting. Glad, too, you have a great team to work with - that can make work so much more enjoyable.

Old Kitty said...

Yay for your job!!! Glad you are settling down very well indeed!!

Brrrr!! It's summer here and the sight of snow is very odd!! But beautiful nonetheless - I mean what's not to like about snow teapot and cups?!!? FAB!!!!

Loved your crazy reflection pic! take care

Linda G. said...

Love seeing those snow pics -- so refreshing when it's been so hot here.

Kyna said...

I tried to stay focused on your post, but once I saw those delicious looking desserts, I lost all sense of reality...


John Gray said...

love the tower.... rather creepy eh?

Amanda said...

Great winter photos! I needed to cool off from this desert Vegas summer. By the way, I love cheesecake and coffee but I've NEVER heard of baked continental cheesecake! Yum!!!!!