Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Russell Sprout: Lu and University

About nine months ago I posted about our youngest Lu.

At that point she had caused me palpitations by telling me she was dropping out of school.

She eased my worries by telling me the rest of her plan, namely to sidestep her last two years of high school and enrol straight into a Bachelor of Science through open university.

Her plan was to work hard, get good results and enrol in a conventional university on the basis of that this year.

Well she is on track. She achieved a distinction average for the units she enrolled in last year.
On the basis of her results she’s achieved her target and has been offered a few places at Melbourne universities.

So at just 17 (her birthday is in November) she’s on Campus at Latrobe University this year. She’s still working towards a Bachelor of Science.

So with her friends facing their toughest year at school to qualify through their VCE for university entrance next year Lu is on her way with almost a third of her degree already under her belt.

I get all hot and bothered just watching this girl power along.


Old Kitty said...

Hooooraaay for wonderful and amazing Lu!!!! What a warrior woman!! Good for her!! You must be one proud, happy and very relieved dad!! Yay!! take care

Sarah Ahiers (Falen) said...

Yay for Lu! You go girl!

Jai Joshi said...

Wow! That's fantastic, you're clearly so proud of her and you have every right to be! Congratulations and best wishes to her for being so dedicated and pursuing her goals so well.


Susan Fields said...

She sounds like a very smart girl - way to go, Lu!

Kristen M. said...

That's great news, Al! I'm so glad that she has lived up to the trust that she asked for from you. Thanks for the update!

Lisa said...

Kudos to Lu! She is truly an inspiration for people of all ages!

Al said...

Hi Jennifer,
I am proud happy and relieved all at once.
Thank you!

Hi Sarah,
Thank you!

Hi Jai,
I am proud of her she has found solutions to her problems and come up trumps.

Hi Susan,
It is scary how smart she is. She runs rings around her poor old dad.

Hi Kristen,
It is fantastic. She was so determined, it was going to happen.
You are welcome.

Hi Lisa,
Thank you. I think she is inspirational and scary!