Sunday, January 23, 2011

A New Blog and Chapter Nine

My post tonight is going to be very quick.

I’ve been busy putting up a new blog to showcase extracts of my Book Veiled in shadows.
It’s called Veiled in Shadows
You can find it here

At the moment I am using almost the same template as for this blog. I may change that later.

I’m looking for feedback on the new blog, especially if you think its layout works.

I’m putting it up tonight, no doubt there are errors, if you see any glaring ones perhaps you can let me know.

So if you have a moment pop over and have a look and let me know what you think.

Also for those (probably few) of you who may have been reading the extracts I have posted, Chapter Nine has gone up over there tonight.

In Chapter Nine, Ebi has finally managed to save enough money to get over to England to hunt for Katharina…


Old Kitty said...

Well your new blog of your book works - and the template is beautiful anyway so it'll be interesting to see which blog template you change!!!!

I'm gonna ignore your new blog LOL! now that I have your beautiful book to read (on my next to read after Alex J Cavanaugh's - yay!!).

Take care

Claudia said...

Hi Allan,
Congrats on your latest book! I like that you're using the cover of your book for your new blog. I also like the font size (It helps a lot after reading too many blogs. My eyes get tired). However, your new blog could use a little splash of color, I think. Perhaps you could add a blurb, a video trailer, or a youtube video to pique your readers' curiosity.
What do you think? My humble suggestion as you requested. I'll check it out later.

Al said...

Hi Jennifer,
Thanks for the feedback!
Fair enough, you have a hard-copy after all.

Hi Claudia,
Thank you!
All those are great ideas,

A California Bird said...

Hey! Just DO it. I am also the same in blogging and website design. It is always a work in progress. I think the goal is to get started and then edit. It is a lot easier than not starting at all. The design here is really lovely by the way. Great job! ~ Ninette