Friday, January 7, 2011

ARRRR, Remarkable Ruins

Sorry I couldn't help myself with the title of this post.
We continue to explore Tassie and the past few days we have been based in Hobart the capital and have explored chunks of the South East Coast.
Now to the title of this post.
In just the past two days we have seen Pirate Bay (I'm not kidding that really is its name)

Remarkable Caves
And an entire ruined prison town.Now a question. I've been teasing with just a few of the thousands of photos I have taken over the past days in different places. I'm now trying to get my head around showing more when I get home but how do I go about it? Do I do a general overview, or do I focus on particular areas? If so what do I start with?


Kathleen Jones said...

Would love to see the pics after so many teasers! How about doing it as a narrative that mirrors your journey?

Old Kitty said...

You take such great pics and give fab info too so oooh - I have no idea what to suggest!!

Chronologically perhaps? Or maybe thematically? Oooh I don't know!!

Take care

Kyna said...

I usually split mine up into particular areas when I'm posting from a trip I've taken. :)

Sarah Ahiers (Falen) said...

maybe areas?

Man, that cave is AMAZING!

heidenkind said...

I'd say just tease out your favorites and post those. :)

Lisa said...

I'm with Kathleen!~

A California Naturalist said...

Happy New Year! Your blog has evolved this past year and really is looking great!

The Words Crafter said...

I'm no help with the how, but I sure can help with encouragement if you need it. Those photos are simply amazing. That sky and those clouds in the Pirate Bay pic are breathtaking!

Which ever way you choose to post them will be fine because they're so wonderful. Great talent you have there....

Jai Joshi said...

Oh I love caves! There's something about dark mysterious places that draws me in.

Great pics!