Sunday, November 14, 2010

Swan Watch XIII.

I am sorry but I have again failed to post more about my youth. My intention is to say more, but not tonight. I am too tired to travel down memory lane.

So instead I’ll do a very brief no think post.

It is couple of weeks since I have seen our swans, I haven’t been worried because Io has been keeping an eye on them and reporting on their progress every few days.
Mum and the remaining baby are still doing very well.
I think they are a favourite of many locals and have become used to being fed. When I arrived at their pond they came steaming straight over towards me.Baby continues to grow although not quite at the same explosive rate.He/she is fully feathered now although he/she doesn’t seem to have fully grown flight feathers yet.Baby’s beak is just beginning to change colour taking on a hint of the red that it will one day be.
As I left I captured this swamp hen.
And this coot popped out of the reeds:
With a baby in tow.Unlike baby swans, baby coots are, well there is no other way to say it, really, really ugly!


Christine said...

Always good to have a swan update, Al. Great to see them doing so well. A field near here flooded recently after heavy rain and five swans arrived to enjoy the 'new' lake.

Old Kitty said...

Awwwww it's brilliant to see gorgeous mum swan and adorable baby swan looking excellent!!!!! Baby swan is really growing up fast!!

Aww Coot babies!! They aren't the prettiest but adorable in their own way!!

Lovely shots as always of swans, coots and swamphens!! Thanks for sharing, take care

Shellie said...

Hi Al, I beg to differ. Baby coots are not ugly, they're interesting. Beautiful pictures. You're really lucky to have such a photogenic environment.

Lisa said...

Always lovely to see updates on "our" swans!

heidenkind said...

I saw black swans at the zoo a few weeks ago. They were kinda pushy!

Falen (Sarah Ahiers) said...

look at how big the baby swan has gotten! He's huge!

Hart Johnson said...

I love those swans--I think even for them though, it is apparent how much more gorgeous the adult is--the contrast of the red and black is just beautiful.--Loved that swamp hen though, standing on those gawky legs!

MT said...

I agree with Shellie - that ugly baby is adorable. These swan updates are very interesting, and the photos really bring it to life.

Al said...

Hi Jennifer,
It is good to see them both doing so well.

Hi Shellie,
I’ll pay interesting, I am spoiled by my local patch.

Hi Lisa,
Happy to share!

Hi Tasha,
I they get tame and used to being fed they certainly do get downright pushy.

Hi Sarah,
It is ginormous!

Hi Hart,
they are truly beautiful animals.
The swamp hens are gawky wonders.

Hi Michelle,
Adorable I’ll pay too. I don’t think I could wear cute though!
I have certainly enjoyed following the swans, and it is a real pleasure to share!

Al said...

Hi Christine,
somehow I missed you at the top of the comments.
I love European swans too!