Thursday, October 28, 2010

Veiled in Shadows… On Amazon!

Well it has finally happened - I have managed to finally get everything together on the book front.

My first Novel is now available on Amazon in both hard and Kindle editions.
For anyone who lives outside the US or prefers not to use Amazon you can also get my work via the Book Depository. I personally buy more books from the Book Depository because they don’t charge postage for books shipped anywhere in the world.

To say I am over the moon is a slight understatement :-)

This process has taken far longer than I had originally hoped, mostly because I simply haven’t had time to get the last few things done that I needed. But now that is behind me.

Realistically an even more daunting task lies ahead. Promoting my novel is going to be a huge job. I think it will be a real challenge. Hopefully, it will have some fun moments but I guess on the whole it will simply be hard work.

Now this leads me to a few points, first this blog. My intention is to keep going exactly as I have been. I won’t turn this into an advertising site where I bang on endlessly about my book.

Naturally that doesn’t mean I’m never going to talk about Veiled in Shadows or my other writing. In fact I am working out how to share extracts of the book, perhaps on a regular basis.

Now my dear bloggy friends I have a question. Would any of you be interested in reviewing Veiled in Shadows for me?

I am only too happy to organise free copies for anyone who is interested in doing a review. Hopefully anyone who accepts a free copy would consider posting reviews on Amazon and the Book Depository.
If you are interested in a review copy you can leave a comment or email (my address is available through my blogger profile).

Now finally I am so excited by the whole event that I can’t help but share an extract.
If you click on the “Extract” tab above you can read the prologue of Veiled in Shadows.

Warning! The novel mostly takes place during the time of World War Two so it features some violence at points.
Also, for those of you who hate prologues the extract is in fact a prologue so proceed with caution! :-)


Kathleen Jones said...

HI Al - Congratulations! YOu must be over the moon about it. I've read the Prologue, which is very powerful. War stories aren't usually my first choice, but I'm impressed by the writing. Do you want me to review it for my blog? I would only put the review up if I could be positive, but having read the extract I feel confident. Or I could review it for Amazon for you?

Christine said...

Congratulations, Al! I enjoy novels set in wartime and am tempted by your Prologue, which I have just read.

I'm awed by the amount of work that you must have put in to publish the book, not to mention the writing!

Glad that you are planning to carry on with your usual blog format as I so enjoy your posts.

Old Kitty said...

Me!! Me!! I want to review!! :-)

But let me buy a copy for myself - it all helps!!!!

Thanks for the links and CONGRATULATIONS!! I'll update my own bloggie friends novels list thingy I have on my blog!! Yay!!

I'm so so so happy for you!! THE COVER is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Take care

Alyssa Ast said...

Congrats! I love the cover. I run a site called the WM Review Connection. We review a wide variety of products and services for free. However, I am in the US. Let me know if it is something you would be interested in. Congrats again.

Alyssa Ast

Falen (Sarah Ahiers) said...

I'll have to order it when i next get paid!

Patti Struble said...

Hey Al,
I am always happy to review for a fellow bloggy friend. Let me know if you would also be interested in doing a guest post or interview to help you out.
Patti Struble

KarenG said...

What Patti said. I'll do a review, an interview, whatever you want. My email's on my sidebar so let's talk. And I am a FREAK about World War II!

Elle Strauss said...

Congratulations on your book release! Fabulous!

Marguerite said...

Congrats on the release! The prologue is awesome and brought tears to my eyes and I can't wait to read more! Best wishes and good luck! Cheers!

Hart Johnson said...

Hey Al, Congratulations! It looks great! I am super short on time so can't review, but if you are interested in a spot as a guest blogger, those are far easier to arrange and I'd be happy to host you. Just email me. hartjohnson23(at)gmail(dot)com.

Shellie said...

Sounds intriguing, Al. Congrats!

Theres just life said...

Congratulations Al. I have never reviewed a book before, but I would like too. I will put in also write a blog letting everyone know your book is now available. I really like the extract.
Again I am so happy for you.

Wendy R said...

How wonderful, Al. Well done for getting it out there. Brilliant. Cover's great and I really like the extract (have s secret love for a well turned prologue...). I will buy it on Amazon and look forward to reviewing it on my blog. Hope it goes with a swing.

Rayna M. Iyer said...

I loved the prologue, and would love to review the book. nuts2446 at gmail dot com

Al said...

Hi Kathleen,
Thank you so much! Your praise is most encouraging!
I’ll email you!

Hi Christine,
Thank you!
It has been a marathon.
I enjoy the blog and I enjoy the company of all the wonderful people who visit, so I can’t imagine abandoning it.

Hi Jennifer,
Well given your enthusiasm I couldn’t possibly say no :-).
Thank you!
I am chuffed, simply chuffed.
How is poor Charlie going?

Hi Alyssa,
I hope people in the US will want to read my book.
I’ll email you.

Hi Sarah,
Thank you!
I hate waiting for payday, even if I am waiting for something exciting. No, make that especially if I am waiting for something exciting.
Thanks again!

Hi Patti,
Thank you.
I don’t seem to be able to find your email address, maybe you can email me?

Hi Karen,
Thank you so much.
Yay for WWII freaks!
I’ll email you.

Hi Ellie,
Thank you! I think it is really exciting.

Hi Marguerite,
Thank you.
I am so pleased you liked the prologue, it brought tears to my eyes too!
I always think I am doing Ok if I cry over my own writing :-)

Hi Hart,
Thank you! Also, thank you for a most generous offer!
I’ll be in touch.

Hi Shelli,
Thank you! Pleased you like the sound of my book!

Hi Pamela Jo,
I’d be most happy to have a review from you.
Thank you! I am pleased you liked my extract!

Hi Wendy,
Thank you for your kind words. Coming from an author with so many wonderful books to her name they mean a lot.
I hope you enjoy the rest!

Hi Rayna,

Talli Roland said...

That's fantastic, Al! Best of luck with it all!

Have a fab weekend.

Al said...

Thanks Marsha!
I hope your release is on track too!

Michelle Davidson Argyle said...

Hi Al, CONRATS!!!!!!! Your cover is beautiful. I'd be happy to do a review for you if you can send me a copy of the book. I have a Kindle if you'd like to send an electronic copy. Email me at

And I'd be more than happy to post the review anywhere you'd like including my blog.

Christy Pinheiro said...

I'd be happy to do a review on The Publishing Maven! Contact me via e-mail, Allan, I'll give you my list of Indie Reviewers, too. I've been working on it all month. That will make getting reviews for your book a lot easier.

Al said...

Hi Michelle,
Thank you so much, I am very happy with the cover too.
I'll be in touch.

Hi Christy,
Thank you so much!
That list would be very helpful too.
Is Your still the best way to get hold of you?